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Exit Interview Process

What is an exit interview?

In human resource terms, an exit interview is a survey that is conducted with an employee when he or she leaves the company. The information from each survey is used to provide feedback on why employees are leaving, what they liked about their employment and what areas of the company need improvement. Exit interviews are most effective when the data is compiled and tracked over time.

On an exit interview questionnaire the employer wants to know if they can disclose whether the employee is able for re-hire or not, how does the employee know if they are able for re-hire?

The employee can call the Human Resource Department of their previous employer and have them confirm in writing whether the employee is or not eligible for re-hire. If the employee is able for re-hire, this would be positive and there will be no downside to have it disclosed. If the employee is not eligible for re-hire, then they can opt to not disclose this information, since it can be viewed as negative.

In an exit interview when terminated for cause, is the employee required to sign any documents?

In many exit interviews, the employer will simply state what the employee’s rights are to either COBRA, final paycheck, etc. There are no legal requirements for the employee to sign anything. The employee has the right to sign or not sign any documents. The employee cannot be forced to sign something against their will. Although as the employee they have the right to ask any amount of questions but as the employers right they don’t have to answer those questions.

Upon a bad exit interview can the company legally refuse to rehire?

Companies have full right to decide what factors makes an employee eligible for non-rehire. A company can legally refuse to rehire an employee for any reason that is not considered discrimination such as race, gender, sexuality, national origin, religion, etc. If you believe that you have been listed as a rehire based on your race, gender, sexuality, national origin or religion you may have a claim against this employer.

In the state of Maryland during the exit interview the employer offered the employee 6 weeks of severance, what can the employee do if they still have not received this?

If the employee is not paid for the 6 weeks of severance as confirmed during the exit interview, then the employee would have a claim against the employer for breach of contract. Since the employee accepted the offer, the employer owes 6 weeks of severance, and the employee can sue to enforce this.

The exit interview may be conducted through a variety of methods. Some of the methods include: in-person, over the telephone, on paper, and through the Internet such as with Nobscot’s WebExit. When dealing with the hiring process if you are either the employer or employee, you may have questions that need answers fast. Ask an Employment Lawyer questions pertaining to exit interviews and get fast reliable answers.
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