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Honda Exhaust System Questions

Honda exhaust system works hard to improve engine performance, maintain fuel efficiency and help reduce polluting emissions. Ignoring exhaust problems could not only mean probable exposure to toxic fumes, increased fuel consumption but higher cost of repair. Read below where Experts assess symptoms and offer diagnostics and answers to Honda exhaust questions.

Could a exhaust leak in a Honda Accord make the car idle strange and appear as if it spits and sputters?

It could, contingent to the location of the leak. The car could have performance issue if the leak is up at the manifold. The backpressure might get affected and the engine compartment might have hot burnt gases. If the leak is at the rear of the vehicle then there might not be any change in the running of the car, but there could be some noise. The cause of strange idle could be at spark plugs, leads and compressions. It could also be fuel dribble, which can be corrected by running a can of injector cleaner in the next tank of fuel. Exhaust fumes are toxic and the leak should be checked and repaired.

What could cause a Honda Civic DX 2000 to make a loud sound under the car upon acceleration and rattle when stopped?

The most probable cause could be an exhaust heat shield. Overtime exhaust heat shield tend to rust, break apart and rattle. This could be replaced or removed if the car is not parked in grass or any other off road area.

What is the fix for a Honda Prelude 1986 oil leak that caused smoke to drip on exhaust pipe?

The leak is most likely in Honda’s oil cooler system. A rubber o-ring between the cooler and the block becomes stiff and breaks with age, which in turn causes the oil leak. The fix is to replace the o-ring that can be found in Honda dealership. To replace – remove the oil filter and the shaft that the filter is screwed on by loosening the nut at the bottom. Once removed, the cooler can be shifted from the block, providing access to the damaged o-ring. Take out the old one and lubricate the new o-ring with wheel bearing grease. This will lube the seal and provide hold. Reinstall the shaft after placing the new o-ring in the same groove. Install a new filter and test run the vehicle to ensure no further leak.

When trying to replace the Honda Prelude base 1999 model exhaust, why doesn’t the new adapter that came with Greddy Spectrum elite exhaust fit?

It could happen if any part of the exhaust was changed. Parts of the exhaust such as converter could go bad and generally replaced with ‘a universal unit’. They may work alike but the size and angle of the exhaust system could change as a result. A local muffler shop may be able to design the adapter to fit the conversion to the existing unit.

Would a bad Honda Accord 1995 rear motor mount cause a exhaust system to rattle on pressing gas paddle?

A bad motor mount could cause the exhaust to rattle. The bad mount could make the engine flex back too far causing the exhaust to bend. A donut gasket on the exhaust leaks and makes rattling noise when the exhaust bends.

Exhaust leaks, bad motor mounts or incompatible exhaust adapters are only some of the inconveniences that impact the efficient performance of the car. Exhaust is an overworked part of the car and its breakdown could lead to numerous problems. Turn to Experts to learn the earliest signs of trouble and what they could mean to the Honda exhaust system. With their deep knowledge base of Honda vehicles and all its components, they can help diagnose and repair all exhaust related problems.
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