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Mercedes Exhaust System related questions

An exhaust system is an important part of any car and the Mercedes exhaust system is specifically designed for that model depending on its specifications. The sound of an exhaust system also differs from model to model and caters to individual owner preferences. However, when problems with an exhaust system crop up, they can sometimes be very tiresome to diagnose and fix. Listed below are a few questions on Mercedes Exhaust Systems answered by the Experts.

Any idea what could be causing fumes to emanate in a Mercedes 300SE (1991) that has done 190,000 miles?

This could be due to several reasons: a leak in the exhaust system, leaking oil, a fuel leak or perhaps from poor performance. Get an inspection done at the earliest to diagnose the problem and see if it is worth fixing. If it is a problem with the exhaust, this can typically be fixed economically at an independent repair shop. In most cases, if a car of this class is well maintained, it should ideally run around 350,000 miles.

What can be done to get a Mercedes’ exhaust system to stop rattling and get the car to run?

Case details: Engine light switched on.

It is possible that the engine rattle is being caused by a broken catalytic converter. When they break up they can cause the exhaust to rattle and signal the check engine light to come on. The Engine Control Unit would have detected the problem and caused the light to come on. Examine the underneath of the vehicle and bang on the exhaust to check if there are pieces of the converter material ratting inside. This could block the exhaust and cause the car to run poorly. After this, use the diagnostic tool to check the car for fault codes. If there are no other fault codes, all which may need to be done is to replace the converters. In case there are other fault codes found, these would need to be fixed first so that there is no damage caused to the replaced parts.

What are the brands recommended to replace the original exhaust system (muffler & resonator) on a Mercedes 380SL (1982)?

The preferable brand to use with this car model would be Eberspaecher which is an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for Mercedes or Bosal which is a cheaper alternative. Other brands can produce an sound and doesn't seem to last as long as the Eberspaecher. There are several sites to purchase this from, but they all have the same supplier.

Does any part of a BlueTEC exhaust system have to be maintained or replaced more frequently than a normal exhaust?

The hard parts generally do not require much maintenance. However, every time the car does 10,000 miles, liquid urea would need to be filled into the urea supply tank. This can be purchased from an MB dealer readily. The Mercedes exhaust system is an important part of the vehicle. It can alert an owner by a simple sound that there is an issue.

Maintaining a luxury car can be expensive. And when internal parts such as the exhaust system start giving an owner trouble, they can be costly to fix. That’s why it is important to diagnose the problem correctly and look for the most economical and smart way of dealing with it. Also important is doing so quickly as it can cause further issues down the road. When issues come up, don’t ignore them or second guess what is wrong. Direct all your queries on Mercedes exhaust systems to the Experts who can offer valuable insights and suggestions at an affordable cost.
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