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Ford Exhaust Systems related Questions

An exhaust system is a type of an arrangement that helps in controlling the combustion inside a car engine. Its main purpose is to release the burnt gases from the internal combustion engine of an automobile through various outlets such as cylinder head, exhaust manifold, muffler, catalytic converter and so on. Many times, a car may have a failed exhaust that could lead to deteriorating its performance. Head gasket leaks, wrecked manifold studs, faulty EGR valves are few of the common issues that could lead to a failing exhaust system. Thus, if problems like these occur, seeking assistance from an Expert is the best possible mechanical recourse. Below are frequently asked questions on issues relating to Ford exhaust that have been answered by the Experts.

What could cause a Ford exhaust to start leaking and the car makes a loud popping noise when being accelerated?

First perform a compression check on the head gaskets to determine if there are leaks in the exhaust. The head gaskets may need retorqued or replaced.

Why would the Ford exhaust filter frequently come on in a cleaning mode?

It is recommended to contact an Expert to see if there have been any updates to the Ford powertrain control module. Alternately, a clogged EGR valve or a blocked air filter could also cause this problem and need replaced.

What causes a Ford exhaust to smell when the vent is on?

An exhaust leak will cause this to happen. Check the EGR tube for any cracks at the exhaust manifold causing the leak to happen. Repairing the cracks should stop the smell from coming through the vents.

What can someone do to fix a Ford exhaust problem if there is a short sharp noise through the exhaust?

There could be a leak on the exhaust at the header flanges or a failed valve spring. If this is the situation, the plug wires inside the engine need replaced. However, if they work fine, check the engine vacuum.

What could cause a Ford exhaust to emit smoke when started initially?

Check for a failed EGR cooler, a faulty injector or a defective head gasket. Another option is to scan the vehicle and inspect the system for any wrong codes. Seeking an Expert help in a situation like this is recommended.

If you have a Ford car, you may face several issues with its exhaust system. However, a person would need to deal with a Ford exhaust issue as soon as possible in order to keep the environment clean. This is because all the poisonous emission from the vehicle is let out into the environment through this system. In case, the person is not skilled at making the repair or doing the diagnosis on their own, contacting an Expert would be the best possible solution. Often, an Expert may provide a step by step guidance on repairing a particular problem. If you need clarification about your specific situation with respect to issues related to Ford exhaust, you may ask a Ford Mechanic Expert to evaluate your case details and provide a mechanical insight.
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