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Exhaust Fan Problems

What is an exhaust fan? An exhaust fan is used in enclosed spaces to expel any hot air and fumes. Exhaust fans are generally used above a stove, oven, or microwave and can be integrated into a heating and cooling system. We use and require these simple home appliances on a daily basis and do not give much thought to the functioning of these appliances unless they malfunction. If this occurs, it can cause a lot of inconvenience. Below are a few common questions answered by Experts on exhaust fans. Contacting an Expert may help you resolve your issues quickly.

My pop up exhaust fan is stuck at the quarter position and not moving up or down. What can I do to fix it?

First ensure the power to the fan is working. If that is confirmed your motor could be jammed or the control board could have had a short circuit needing replacement. At this point a good option would be to unplug the downdraft by opening the cabinet doors below the cook top. Next disconnect the vent and remove all screws at the front panel, causing the panel to come off. This will provide a view of the control board as well as the motor. Try moving the motor to check if it is stuck. If you have a multi-meter, insert the downdraft back and check for power through the motor at 120 volts. If there is no power, replacement of the control panel or the lift motor is required.

How can I unplug my Jenn-Air stove top exhaust fan?

Locate the control box to disconnect the wires. To access the control box, pull out the wire which connects the motor inside the housing via a harness connection. Remove the housing and this gives you access to the control box. Getting into range and pulling out is not required to do this. If you do not want to enter through the control box, you can cut the wires and merge inside the junction box since there are only a few conductors. You can opt for the easier and more feasible option for you.

My Dacor exhaust fan seems to be circulating the outside cold air into the house. Why is this happening?

In most installations, there will be a damper present on the outside of your house usually where the vent hood exhaust exits. This is similar to a flap or restriction valve which remains shut when the air is not circulating through the vent hose. Since the problem you are facing is outside air entering or blowing back in to the house, the damper assembly could be flawed which will need replacing or if there is no damper installed in which case you will need to install one.

My exhaust fan does not turn on any setting. Only the light comes on intermittently only if the button is pressed several times. How do I resolve this?

If you need to push the button several times just to get the light on, there could be a problem with the touch control board. Most likely, unless you are facing any other unrelated problems with the fan, this issue is causing a cascading effect and resulting in non responsiveness of your exhaust fan. If you are facing multiple issues with your fan, it would be more sensible to fix or look into one problem at a time until you can shortlist the defective components from the ones functioning properly.

Why is my exhaust fan over my stove making a screeching noise when turned on?

This kind of noise is an indication of the fan motor framework or bearings malfunctioning. You could try applying three in one oil onto it which is a temporary solution. Depending upon the type of design of your fan motor, it will most likely need replacing of the motor.

The exhaust fan on my oven is making “thumping” type of noise when my oven heats up. What can I do?

Locate the screw which attaches the fan to the frame. This could have come loose causing the noise. You can check if the screw can be tightened from the inside by opening the oven. If you are unable to reach the screws through the interior of the oven, the back panel of the oven may need to be removed in order to reach the fan. The panel would usually have quarter inch screws which need to be taken out.

Being aware of simple procedures or instructions to guide you with a basic exhaust fan helps you solve most of its issues by yourself as well as more economically. Sometimes it can eliminate the need to hire local technicians. In order to get answers to more specific questions concerning your exhaust fan, consulting Experts will prove helpful and useful.
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