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Chrysler Exhaust Problems

Is a faulty exhaust system the reason why your Chrysler has failed its emissions test? Need to decipher an exhaust related fault code? A faulty exhaust system can be the cause of multiple problems ranging from starting trouble to emission of fuel fumes. Many problems are difficult to determine because they share identical symptoms with other common  issues. When in doubt, ask an Expert for a second opinion.

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Will an exhaust system replacement help a Chrysler pass an emissions test?

Case Details: The Town and Country failed the test because of excessive NOX.

NOX is Nitrogen Oxide which combines with hydrocarbons from unburnt fuel and sunlight to generate smog, an environmental pollutant. Excessive NOX can be created by multiple factors which include a leak in the exhaust system upstream of the catalytic converter, high carbon deposit in the combustion chamber, a defective oxygen sensor, engine misfires or a failed catalytic converter. There are other causes, but these are the most common. Merely replacing the exhaust system is not an assured repair. Presumably, the check engine light would have come on, in which case some error codes would be stored. A diagnostic scan will need to be done to determine the exact cause for high NOX emission. Only then can the appropriate solution be determined.

How to troubleshoot a Chrysler Crossfire which emits a burnt plastic smell?

The source of the smell will need to be determined and this can only be done through a scrupulous inspection of the car’s exhaust system. Chances are that there is something stuck inside an exhaust component most likely a plastic bag blocking a pipe. Melting insulation or connectors from a bad electrical connection could also generate a burnt plastic smell, as could an oil or coolant leak coming in contact with a hot part of the engine or exhaust. Start by checking the exhaust system which is more likely to be the source.

Even after replacing a set of fouled plugs what prevents a Chrysler engine from starting?

Assuming there is a spark and no codes are set, here are some of the most likely causes:

  • Contaminated fuel
  • One or both restricted cat converters
  • A broken catalytic converter blocking the exhaust outlet and preventing free venting of combustion gas

How to pass an emissions test after a Chrysler Pacifica has failed with error code P0420?

Error code P0420 references a faulty catalytic converter which is a fairly common problem. What happens is that the oxygen sensors measure the percentage of emissions in the exhaust leading into the converters and then downstream of the converters again. If the converters are not cleaning the emissions to the required level then code P0420 is set. However, the situation can be exacerbated if the engine misfires or if there is an exhaust leak or a leak in the exhaust manifold. Check out all these possibilities first and if there is no problem evident then replace the cat converters. Aftermarket converters are best avoided as many on the market are not good enough to overcome a P0420 code.

What does white smoke, vapor and a fuel smell from the exhaust of a Chrysler Grand Voyager when starting indicate?

These are all symptoms of one or more fuel injectors stuck in the open position. The key to a solution is to determine the fault codes stored as there could be several reasons for an open injector.

What problem sets error code P2098 on a Chrysler 300?

P2098 indicates a faulty Oxygen sensor 2 on Bank 2 which needs to be replaced. Before changing the sensor, however, check that the exhaust system has no leaks which could also cause this code to be set. If the system is leak-free a replacement sensor should take care of this code.

Despite the fact that it looks simple, there’s more to the exhaust system than just an outlet for combustion gases. An exhaust assembly is responsible for sound suppression as well as pollution control apart from a passage for exhaust gases. If you have a problem with your Chrysler exhaust or if you need to have a fault code deciphered, ask a mechanic for assistance. The Experts on JustAnswer will analyze your problems and provide the guidance you need in a timely fashion.

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