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Chevy Exhaust Related Questions

An exhaust system consists of piping that is used to move exhaust or burnt gases away from the combustion inside a stove or a vehicle engine. Chevrolet exhaust systems are made up of many parts such as the cylinder head, exhaust manifold, turbocharger, catalytic converter and muffler. As is the case with any part of a car, Chevy exhaust systems may have developed problems over a period of time. Listed below are a few questions on Chevy exhaust systems answered by the Experts.

What problem does the error message “clean exhaust filter” indicate in a Chevrolet exhaust?

Case details: The vehicle is a 3500HD 6.6 Duramax.

The exhaust system on this vehicle model usually has a filter that gets automatically cleaned. The engine, typically, sends extra fuel into the Chevy exhaust which flushes out debris from the filter. However, if the vehicle is not driven on the highway often, this automatic cleaning may not take place, forcing the vehicle to move into a lower speed mode. In order to clean the filter, one would need to drive on the highway at the speed limit to activate the automatic cleansing of the exhaust system. In case this does not work, take the help of a qualified mechanic at a dealership who can get it force cleaned there with the help of a scan tool.

What could cause white smoke to come out of a Chevy exhaust?

Such a problem in Chevrolet exhaust systems is usually caused by either a lot of fuel getting into the cylinder due to a defective fuel injector or by coolant flowing into the cylinder due to a bad head gasket or broken cylinder head. Check for a defect in the cylinder head gasket using a chemical head gasket test kit that is available at a local parts store. This chemical test checks for combustion inside the cooling system that will help indicate an issue with the gasket. To assess if there is a problem with the fuel injector, place a drop of oil from the vehicle on a paper towel. If there seems to be a lot of fuel in the oil and the paper towel shows two distinctive rings on it, this would indicate that there is a lot of fuel getting into the cylinders. After identifying the issue, take the help of a qualified mechanic to conduct the necessary repairs.

What could be the problem in a Chevrolet exhaust if the car has no power and one can feel a lot of heat coming from the center console, back tire, trunk and rear of the vehicle?

Case details: The check engine light is on as well.

There could be a few reasons for these problems to occur in Chevy exhaust systems. One would need to use the computer in the vehicle to check for any stored fault codes to ascertain the issue. The problem could have been caused by a catalytic converter melting inside which create a blockage in the exhaust leading to a hot system, a glowing red converter and no power. The melting usually happens because a lot of raw fuel is being pushed into the exhaust system due to cracked fuel injectors, cylinders not working or things like oil blow-by or coolant getting into the system. In this state, one should not drive the vehicle before towing the car to a dealership to identify the issue and undertaking necessary repairs as the converter can cause a fire or damage the engine.

Also, Federal Emissions usually covers the converter for a period of eight years or till the car has driven 80,000 miles, whichever happens sooner. If the car falls within the warranty period, the converter can be replaced by the dealer at no extra cost.

How can one restart a Chevy after its exhaust got immersed under water?

The exhaust is probably filled with water and hence the engine may not start, as it cannot push any air out of the system. One would need to either remove the exhaust to get the motor to start or drill holes using an air-powered drill into the system to enable the water to drain out. Ensure that the water does not flow out onto the drill if it is not an air powered one as it could cause electrocution.

If the exhaust was immersed under salt water, then the life of the system may have been reduced. The moisture from the exhaust gases may, typically, make the salt corrode the system. Hence, one would need to replace the system. Other parts such as the catalytic converter and the transmission may need to be checked as well as they may be considerably damaged too.

Since any mechanical device is prone to technical issues, various problems can occur in a Chevy exhaust as well. However, it is important to diagnose these issues on time and find the right solution to fix them. In such a scenario, direct your questions on Chevy exhaust problems to the Experts who can provide valuable insights, suggestions and information both quickly and at an affordable cost.
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