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Excise Tax Law Questions

When an individual stops at the gas station to refuel their vehicles, the last thing they are thinking about when they complain to themselves about the price of gas, is that they is an excise tax on fuel. There are a lot of instances where an excise tax is in place and many people may know that a tax is in place but may not understand that tax is an excise tax. Below are questions that individuals have asked the Experts about excise tax law.

What is excise tax?

An excise tax, which may also be known as a duty of excise special tax, is a tax that is assessed on the sale or production of goods for sale within inland. It may also be a tax on certain good, or production of a good for sale or a good sold in a country for a specific reason. Excise taxes are different than custom duties which are assessed on goods that are imported. An excise tax is an indirect tax, which is a tax that a business or individual who produces or sells a good pays the government the taxes and then passes the price of the tax onto the consumers in an effort to recoup the cost of the tax, by raising the price on the good. An excise tax is usually imposed on top of other taxes, taxes like value added or sales tax. An example of an excise tax is the tax that has been imposed upon alcohol and tobacco.

In Hawaii who pays the excise tax?

In Hawaii the excise tax is paid by the business that is on the receiving end of income instead of the paying customer. Where in most states businesses act as tax collectors, in Hawaii, businesses pay excise tax on their income. Due to this, excise tax is a normal expense that occurs in the course of business along with all other normal expenses such as the cost of keeping inventory or the cost of hiring and maintaining staff.

In the state of Hawaii what is the statue of limitations to collect excise tax?

In the state of Hawaii, the time frame in which an audit must be started is 3 years, but if a substantial omission has occurred the time frame goes from 3 years to 6 years. For an omission to be considered to be substantial a difference of 25% or more than what is reported. If an income tax return is never filed then there will be no statute limitations.

If a person owes excise taxes in Maryland, can the individual have problems registering a vehicle or getting a license renewed?

If an individual owes back excise taxes in the State of Maryland the individual will be unable to register a vehicle in the State of Maryland. Under the Department of Motor Vehicles, an individual must be issued a notice from the localities, which warn the individual that they will be prohibited from registering a vehicle as well renewing a driver’s license until the excise tax bill has been settled.

An excise tax is a tax that is imposed upon inland goods or production of goods, often passed on to the customers by either the sellers or the producers. In the state of Hawaii businesses are the ones that pay the excise tax. If a person owes back excise taxes in Maryland they may find themselves unable to renew their driver’s license or register a vehicle. If any questions arise regarding excise tax law, the Experts are always available to answer them.
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