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Microsoft Excel Problems

Microsoft Excel is a popular and widely used commercial spreadsheet application that comes with a variety of features that include calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables and so on. Designed to cater to engineering, statistical and financial requirements, it features a range of functions including being able to represent data in the form of histograms, charts and line graphs. As an application it is structured to cater to both simple and complex projects depending on the need of the user. However, like every computer application, a user could come across certain problems while using it. Listed below are a few questions answered by the Experts on issues related to using Microsoft Excel.

I am unable to scroll up and down on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. How do I fix this?

It’s possible that the “Freeze Pane: feature has been turned on which is why you cannot scroll up or down.

Follow the instructions below:
1. Find the “Office” button on the top right and click it.
2. Select “Excel Options” on the menu, bottom right.
3. Select “Advanced”.
4. Half way down, look for a section called “Display Options” for this Workbook.
5. Check that the “Show horizontal scroll bar” and “Show Vertical scroll bar” options are selected. 6. Finally, click “OK”.

If this doesn’t work, click “View” and when you find the “Window” section, click “Arrange All”, and then click “OK”. Also, see if “Tiled” is checked. It is usually checked by default. Select it and click “OK”.

Why does Microsoft Excel 2010 hide columns and rows without my asking it to?

To fix this, look at the cell area in the Ribbon Toolbar at the top of Excel. If you see “Format”, click that and then click “Hide and Unhide”. After this, click “Unhide Rows” and “Unhide Columns”. If is still not working okay, click “Unhide Sheet” to prevent columns and rows from being hidden by default.

When I work on a worksheet in Microsoft Excel, I find that sometimes a row is created that runs into many pages. How do I stop this?

To prevent this from happening, you need to select the entire sheet by clicking the cell on the upper left corner. Thereafter, click the “Home” tab and once you see “Find and Select”, click on it. Then click “Go to Special”. Once you do this, click the “Blanks” radio tab and then click “OK”. Finally, choose the “Delete” option in the toolbar and choose “Delete Sheet Rows”. Follow these instructions after you have completed editing the document.

Can you explain to me how to activate .XLM macros in Microsoft Excel?

Follow the instructions below to do this:
1. Locate the “File” tab and click on it
2. Go to “Options” and click on it
3. Click “Trust Center Settings” under “Trust Center”
4. Click “Macro Settings” under “Trust Center”
5. Decide the selections you need

If you have already created a macro, open the macro menu by pressing Alt + F8. You will find a variety of choices for Macros here. Choose the setting that will suit your needs best.

While Microsoft Excel is an extremely powerful and useful tool, you may have come across a few problems while using it. While some of these are addressed above, there may be other issues while installing the application, running it, linking it to other worksheets and so on that are more relevant to your own unique scenario. In such a situation, it is always better to consult with the Microsoft Excel Experts to help you find quick solutions that will help you carry on work effortlessly.
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