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Microsoft Excel for Mac

Microsoft Excel is one of the most popular applications from Microsoft Office. With the advent and popularity of Mac, Microsoft Excel for Mac was introduced to help manage, analyze and organize data as well as other Microsoft Excel information. It also displays trends within data, facilitates creation and use of various tables such as pivot tables. Microsoft Excel for Mac programs easily across platforms with the provision to access files remotely.

To know more about Microsoft Excel for Mac, listed below are common questions answered by Experts.

While working with Excel for Mac, how is a textbox inserted onto the chart to highlight an aspect on the graph?

There may be one method to do this but the drawback of this method is that the textbox does not move, in case the chart is moved. To begin with, you need to click behind the chart on any of the cells and to insert the textbox, go to the “Insert” menu and then use “Textbox”. The textbox can be drawn on the desired area of the chart.

The normal Microsoft Excel has the option of a data package add-on meant for statistical calculations. Is the same feature available on Microsoft Excel for Mac?

The add-on data package being referred to here is essentially the Data Analysis ToolPak and it is available on Excel for Mac as well. Normally this feature can be accessed by going to “Tools” and “Add-ins”. Instead if “Solver” is being displayed here, it enables a different functionality than what is provided by the Data Analysis ToolPak. If ToolPak is not present here, the “Value Pack” from the “Office” installation CD would need to be installed on the Mac. The following link has the instructions needed to install the Value Pack add-in through the CD which came with the Microsoft Office product.

How to fix Microsoft Excel for Mac when it does not open despite reinstalling the entire package. Please provide Microsoft Excel help.

In such a scenario, what can be tried is removing “Preferences” files to check if functionality is restored. To do this, the following steps can be taken:
1. From the “Go” menu, “Home” should be clicked
2. “Library” folder should be opened (The Library folder is generally hidden if this is a Mac OS X Lion. Hence to display this folder, the “Option” key should be held down while the “Go” menu is clicked)
3. “Application Support” should be opened
4. Next open “Microsoft” and the “Office” folder should be dragged to “Trash”
5. At the “Go” menu, “Documents” should be clicked
6. The “Microsoft User Data” folder should be dragged to the desktop
7. At the “Apple” menu, “Restart” should be clicked

While trying to create a graph with mainly text (no formulae) on Microsoft Excel for Mac, how can a sentence or two be entered into each box? The text should remain inside the box.

The cell in which the text needs to be entered should be clicked and from “Menu”, the following options should be clicked; “Format”>”Cells”>”Alignment Tab”. Next a check should be placed in the box and “Wrap Text” should be clicked after which “Ok”. Next you need to start typing within the cell to check whether the text is contained within it. This option is possible on all cells unless, a particular cell has some protection. Font format can be changed on any part of the text within a cell but just the background color cannot be applied to only part of the cell.

Why does the Microsoft Excel for Mac quit unexpectedly? Please suggest Microsoft Excel repair.

The most common reason for Excel for Mac to quit unexpectedly is either due to a bad template (word) or preferences. Both these commands are retained when the program is reinstalled. To counter this, the “Preferences” can be removed. To begin with, none of the MS applications such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Entourage should be open. From “Finder” (happy face on the dock), using the “Go” menu at the top, “Home” should be chosen. Here the “Library” folder followed by “Preferences” (not “Preference Panes”) should be open. Locate the Microsoft folder and drag it onto the desktop. With this window remaining open, Microsoft Excel for Mac should be opened. If the application does not quit, the Microsoft Excel problem was with the preference. If the problem persists, it can be related to some other function such as a bad font.

Microsoft Excel is an effective tool for data analysis and organization whether it is on Windows or Mac. It’s simple and easy to use features gave it a universal appeal and widespread usage. This triggered the need for compatibility with various other operating systems such as Mac OS. Keeping in mind these factors, Microsoft Excel problems are bound to arise. Hence to obtain Microsoft Excel information and to troubleshoot, Experts can be useful and necessary.
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