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Emergency Unemployment Compensation Act

What is emergency unemployment compensation (EUC)?

EUC is a federal extension that provides additional weeks of unemployment benefits after you have run out of “regular unemployment benefits.”

Emergency unemployment benefits have been put in place to help people when they are laid off from work through no fault of their own. Emergency unemployment benefits are determined to help people cover every day living expenses while they search for work in other areas.

In the state of Illinois, if a person is receiving emergency unemployment compensation of a higher amount, would the person have to accept employment if it was at a lower compensation level?

In the state of Illinois, if a person is offered employment, they are required to accept employment regardless of the compensation. The unemployment benefit will then make up the difference between wages and unemployment benefit compensation. If the unemployment benefit amount was higher than the wages for employment, the unemployment benefit would offset the difference.

In the state of Washington, if a person uses up a unemployment claim and files for an EUC extension and was approved for a lower amount based on a previous balance can a person challenge this decision to receive the higher amount?

If the current unemployment is based on recent earnings and is then was used up, then the state of Washington can go back to a previous year where there are available benefits to file a claim against. The State may then approve a lower amount until that is completely used up as well, and then before approving an extension due to them using state funds before dipping into the federal funds. A person is entitled to file an appeal if they feel the need to, but the appeal might not work since the state of Washington is calculating the unemployment benefits based on state funds available.

In the state of Massachusetts, can a person continue to collect 20 more weeks of unemployment after they have already claimed 52 weeks?

In the state of Massachusetts, it is possible to claim a total of 73 weeks of unemployment benefits, 53 weeks of emergency unemployment and 20 weeks of extended unemployment. Generally a person must meet the deadlines for the application and requirements. The following link will show the law and time frames to receive emergency unemployment compensation http://www.mas s.gov/?pageID=elwdterminal&L=4&L0=Home&L1=Claimants&L2=Unemployment+Insurance+(UI)&L3=Information+on+Unemployment+Insurance+Extensions&sid=Elwd&b=terminalcontent&f=dua_extensions_extension_overview&csid=Elwd

What would a person need to include in an appeal that he/she would like to file when a he/she receives a letter about emergency unemployment and the letter states that they did not have earnings in excess of 40 times their weekly unemployment benefit amount or that 1.5 times the highest quarter amount according to the base period of the original claim?

When a person files an appeal for emergency unemployment benefits, he/she would need to provide proof of the required earnings. Although Employment Development Department (EDD) will not budge on the requirements for the emergency unemployment benefit extensions, the person filing the appeal will need to provide sufficient proof that he/she had sufficient earnings to fulfill the requirement in the base period for the emergency unemployment benefits.

If a person was collecting emergency unemployment benefits then accepted a job that only lasted two weeks, can he/she resume collecting emergency unemployment benefits or would the amount of emergency unemployment have to be recalculated?

The person should reapply for emergency unemployment benefits due to the effect that the unemployment department are the ones that determine if the person was terminated from the job or if the job was "temporary". If it is determined that the person was let go from the job through no fault of their own then he/she should receive the emergency unemployment benefits at the same rate and week where they left off receiving the emergency unemployment benefits before accepting the temporary position.

When a person is faced with termination from a job or being laid off from a job, they can be confused as to what steps to take to be able to pay their bills while they look for another job. Emergency unemployment benefits are in place to those that meet the guidelines. Federal and state guidelines are in place to help those people, but sometimes when a person searches for the steps to file for the benefits or to appeal a denied claim they may find the process and rules confusing. The Experts are an affordable way to find clarity when the questions on emergency unemployment benefits get to be too confusing.
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