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Ethnic Discrimination in the Workplace

Many times people are subject to ethnic discrimination. Ethnic discrimination can cause many questions to come up that can range from national origin discrimination, nationality discrimination, and ethnic discrimination in the workplace. Often time’s people turn to Experts online. Below are listed five of the top Ethnic Discrimination Questions that have been answered by the Experts.

What is Ethnic Discrimination?

Ethnic or cultural grounds or racial differences can also be known and as “racism” and “racial discrimination”. United Nations conventions state that there’s no difference with ethnicity discrimination and racial discrimination.

If someone that is a white American applies for a job and is told by the placement agency that they are only looking to hire non-US citizens would this be considered ethnic discrimination? What should they do?

This could be a form of ethnic discrimination depending on other circumstance that surrounds the incident. Primarily the individual should try to solve the problem with their company and file a lawsuit with the State DFEH. They will examine the problem and will find out if it’s validated or not. Then they might decide to solve the problem personally or supply the individual with a “Right-To-Sue-Letter”. If they decide to issue the letter then the individual should contact a local employment lawyer that is skilled in discrimination cases that would help the individual with theirs.

How would someone prove ethnic discrimination?

If a person believes they are a target for ethnic discrimination, the first thing they would need to be able to prove is the discrimination details. Once you suspect discrimination, document everything you can to help you prove that you are being discriminated against. Keep detailed notes on dates and times that the discrimination happened or took place. Contact any witnesses that could come forward to testify on your behalf.

When someone finds fault with another person's pronounciation, does that mean they are picking on the accent of the person which is related to the person's origin? Would this be a form of National Origin Discriminaiton?

If a person was to revise an individual’s grammar that does not mean that they are discriminating against the other person. The individual would require more evidence to state that they was discriminating the person on their national origin.

If someone refers to another individual as “colored” is this a form of ethnic discrimination?

It’s believed to be impolite and improper to refer to a person as being “colored”. When a person is referred to as “colored” this can be a form of ethnic discrimination, racism, as well as a form of harassment in some cases.

Ethnic Discrimination can be a very diverse topic. It can span questions one after another. Such as: national origin discrimination in the workplace, ethnic discrimination in America, and ethnic discrimination in the workplace. Experts can help with fast and effective answers to some of life’s toughest questions regarding ethnic discrimination.
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