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Espresso Machine Troubleshooting

An espresso machine is an appliance used to brew traditional Italian coffee referred to as espresso. Several different machines have been created to brew espresso and provide varying blends of espresso for different palates. By altering the fineness of the grind and pressure levels to tamp the grinds you can achieve diverse tastes. Some machines have a steam wand which helps create steam and generate frothy liquids including milk to make beverages such as cappuccino and latte.

Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on espresso machine repair.

What can an individual do to repair an espresso machine that read error “Expel Air”?

To expel the air inside you would need to let the unit fill with water and press the hot water button as well as steam button. If no water is let out there could be an issue with the water tank. Try activating the valve at the bottom of the tank to ensure water is getting dispensed. Next ensure the tank is seated completely down with legs of the tank properly fitting into the holes inside the coffee maker. Check for any beans or obstructions preventing the tank from being seated properly. If the pump is pumping water but it is not exiting, the hot water or steam valve could be leaking at some point. Check for leakage by removing the water tank and examining the large access hole beneath the tank. If there is water here, there is a leak. When you select hot water and if the pump sounds drained, it could be a faulty hot water valve or a broken wire at the valve.

What could be the problem for an espresso machine to read an error that always says “Warming Up”?

Ideally this product should not have faced any issues within this period of its life span. This seems to be a case of a defective heating element. This is not something which can be handled at home as these appliances have most components packed closely together within the housing. You could contact a local espresso repair person or the manufacturer for the repair and on some occasions they offer to exchange your old unit for a new one.

How would an individual clean steam filters that are blocked on a Breville Ikon espresso machine? Would the espresso machine need repaired?

In many cases the espresso machine will not need to be repaired, if the individual can clean the filters without any further damage. First you will need to access the filter which is the basket where you place the espresso grounds. Let the basket dry out completely and then pound or shake it on the counter top onto a paper towel. Use the “pin end” or pointy end of the custom cleaning tool to poke the holes clean of any residue or clogging. Run two cycles through the machine with only water until you see a good stream of water running through the filter. In future after each use, clean and clear the grounds to prevent oily deposits from hampering the functioning of the unit.

What could be causing my espresso machine to spurt out steam and water after turning it on?

This is an indication the boiler inside could have become defective. This is an expensive repair and replacement and most times it would be better to replace with a new unit for approximately $150 rather than indulge in a repair worth over $250. If the unit is less than a year old, you can send it back to the manufacturers. Even if it is older, contacting the manufacturers may be of some help.

How can I fix my Delonghi Magnifica espresso maker which is leaking from within?

Usually these machines have a series of O-rings which seal the water valve. Your situation could be a case of worn out O-rings which need replacement. To do this, you will need to dismantle the machine. If you are dismantling the machine, it is recommended you change all the O-rings to avoid a similar problem in the near future since this is a relatively reasonable repair.

Espresso machines have been gaining popularity and are soon becoming an integral part of any household due to their feature to provide unique variety of coffee in an efficient and convenient manner. When you face issues such as those detailed above, there may be several times where replacing the unit would be the most reasonable solution. At other times, it could involve a fair amount of dismantling and understanding the basic operation or functioning of the espresso machine. In order to do so, proper information and instructions from Experts could be helpful as well as necessary.
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