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Jaguar Error Code Questions

An error code is a type of a message in computer programming language that detects a malfunction in a specific vehicle module. Jaguar error codes refer to those codes that are used to indicate defects in the modules of a Jaguar car that signifies a particular kind of a problem. However most people do not understand the meaning behind the codes and have to ask for outside help.

An Experts interpretation of code issues and ways to resolve such issues could prove to be beneficial. Below are frequently asked questions on issues relating to Jaguar error codes that have been answered by the Experts.

What can one do if a Jaguar car’s diagnostic machine displays a Jaguar error code for oxygen sensor?

The code displayed could be an indication of a bad sensor or a sensor failure. In addition one should verify the wiring harness to the sensor is in good condition prior to replacing the faulty part.

What could cause a Jaguar error code even after replacing the EGR valve?

Many times, a bad EGR temperature sensor could cause a code to appear even though the EGR valve has been replaced. If this is the case, have a new temperature sensor installed in the vehicle.

If a Jaguar error code P0121 comes on intermittently after the connectors have been verified and cleaned, what could fix this issue?

A defective throttle body assembly could likely cause the mentioned code to appear. One should have the entire throttle body replaced as it is usually not possible to replace the throttle sensor or the actuator separately from the throttle body.

What does error code ‘Fail Safe Engine Mode’ mean in a Jaguar?

The problem could be a faulty brake switch or a defective electronic throttle. Normally, an error code like this could be an indication of an engine control module malfunction. A troubleshooting Expert may be required. Additionally, using a scan tool to extract the defective codes from ECM and other modules would be a good plan of action.

What could a Jaguar error code of “gearbox fault” signify?

There are a few possible reasons for this to occur. The most probable could be a fault with the transmission control module. Or in other situations, a faulty electronic throttle or a low fluid level could also lead to this error code.

Many times, decoding a specific error code or message becomes a very important plan of action. People may not know where to get a scan tool from or whom to approach for that. If this is the case, contacting an Expert would be a good idea. A person could either go for a specific factory scan tool or a generic one if they experience any Jaguar error codes. Alternately, they might approach a local auto parts store and have them do the scanning for free.

If you need clarification about your specific situation with respect to issues related to Jaguar error codes, you may ask a Jaguar Expert to evaluate your case details and provide mechanical insight.
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