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Questions on Nissan Error Codes

Need help deciphering errors codes on your Nissan? If your vehicle has some technical issue, your vehicle’s computer system will immediately provide you with an error code. Using a diagnostic code reader, it will connect to your vehicle’s OBD and you will be able to read the error codes that have been generated.

Read below where Experts have answered questions on the different kinds of Nissan error codes.

What do codes P0136, P0325, P0400 and P0446 on a 1997 Nissan Maxima indicate?

Code P0136 is related to a malfunctioning rear oxygen sensor that will need replaced to resolve the error code.

Code P0325 indicates that there is a bad knock sensor, which also needs replaced.

Code P0400 flashes when the EGR port is filled with carbon; cleaning this port will resolve this code.

Code P0446 is related to an issue with the vent control valve on the charcoal canister not working properly, and this will also need replaced or maintained.

What does code U1000 on a Nissan indicate?

A U1000 code is a CAN code. The CAN system is a communication line between all the control units in the car. To determine what the problem is, use an advance level scanner to communicate with the other control units. There may be a communication problem between the computers and before you take any diagnostic steps, you’ll need to determine the CAN types.

What does an error code on a Nissan Hardbody radio indicate?

An error code on a Nissan Hardbody radio indicates that there might be some internal fault in the radio. To resolve this issue the radio will need repaired or replaced with an aftermarket radio. Aftermarket radios have more features that the old factory radios and they cost less to repair.

What do P1212 and U1001 codes on a 2005 Nissan Frontier indicate?

A P1212 code is a communication error between the traction control ABS module and the engine control module. The U1001 is a CAN communication error code. All the computers on the Frontier are designed to communicate with one another. The ABS and the ECM are not communicating with each other. Since the ABS light is not on, disconnect the battery for one hour or clear the codes with a code reader. If the codes return, then check the wires from the ABS control to the ECM with an ohmmeter. You will find a pink and blue wire, which are the CAN communication lines. If the wires are good then the ABS module needs replaced. Sometimes a weak battery can also throw up these codes, as it will turn off the traction control. Check the battery to make sure that it is fully charged.

Learning to read Nissan error codes will save a costly trip to the mechanic. Nissan’s OBD will keep the owner well informed about the performance of its engine, transmission, braking system, and other important components. For more information on Nissan error codes it is highly recommended to contact an Expert.
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