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Questions about Equal Employment Opportunity Laws

Equal Employment Opportunity laws protect employees from discrimination based on factors like religion, race, color, creed, national origin, and more. If you have questions about Equal Employment Opportunity that affect your workplace, contact Employment Lawyers on JustAnswer who can offer their legal expertise to solve your problem.

Listed below are a few questions they answered regarding Equal Employment Opportunity issues.

I have applied for a local government position. Will I be guaranteed an interview with my potential employer under the Equal Employment Opportunity Law?

Under the Equal Employment Opportunity Law, a person cannot be discriminated against based on factors like religion, sex, race, national origin or color. The law does not, however, require that everyone who applies for a job with the government be interviewed. You can find more information at www.eeoc.gov.

I suffer from multiple sclerosis, and my insurance paid for my expensive medication. Recently, the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission told me that my former employer didn’t respond to a mediation request so it’s going to start an investigation. What are the reasons why my employer wouldn’t have responded?

There could be a number of reasons why your employer didn’t respond. This could range from the employer not wanting to give any evidence that could implicate them later to a feeling that no wrong was done by them. It’s possible that they might just leave the situation as it is until somebody sues them. It is not an unusual situation to have an employer not participate in mediation, especially if they haven’t made any legal violations. It could most probably be just a tactic they are using.

I am over 50 years of age and white. I work for an Indian reservation and have been given a contract that has to be completed in a specified period of time. If it isn’t done, my employment will either be terminated or I will be dismissed without being paid. The work I am being given is something no one else has to do. I believe they are trying to get rid of me, and I feel discriminated against. Should I hire the services of an attorney?

Cases such as yours -- where reverse discrimination is occurring -- are becoming far more prevalent now. Courts are also more open to dealing with such cases than they were two decades ago. You should get in touch with an attorney and discuss the possibilities of approaching the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and filing a complaint with them as well as in civil court.

Do all salaried, full-time employees of equal employment status need to be considered the same when being offered privileges like working from home? And if you are an New York State employee, does that mean you have to subscribe to NYS Disability Insurance?

An employer has to provide equal treatment with regard to an employee’s protected civil rights which are based on gender, age, sex, religion, race, disability, nationality, pregnancy, and equal compensation. The employer can discriminate on the various considerations it offers its employees since employment status is not a protected civil right. And all NYS employers do need to subscribe to the insurance unless they are employees who are exempted from tax. Disability insurance is required if there is one employee working for 30 days in a calendar year.

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Equal Employment Opportunity laws empower employees to file discrimination suits against their employers and get justice. If you are faced with discrimination at work and want legal insights, Employment Lawyers on JustAnswer can help you with your questions both quickly and at very reasonable rates.
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