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Epididymis Treatment

What is the epididymis?

Epididymis is a spiraled tube that stores and moves sperm from the testes. This tube is a bowed outline at the rear of each testis that contains three sections. The first section is the head, this stores sperm until it is ready to go through the maturing stage. The second stage is the body, which is known to be a long warped tube where the sperm has time to mature. The last stage is the tail that is attached to the deferent duct or vas deferens. After the deferent duct the sperm passes to the ejaculatory duct. These tubes can show some similarities to the testes, but the epididymsis is smaller and the tubes are larger. Some individuals may have questions about epididymis. For more information read below where Experts have answered many frequently asked questions.

What could cause an individual to have small bumps on the bottom side of their testicle?

Often if someone has a small bump on their epididymis, this could be referred to as a cyst. These are called epididymal cysts, and are normally not harmful or painful. This cyst can be common and usually non-cancerous. Some individuals do not have these removed unless they change in size or become painful.

What causes pain in the epididymis and lower abdomen?

Some people who are experiencing pain in the epididymis and lower abdomen could have epidiymitis. This can often be caused by a kidney stone that is causing a blockage in the kidneys. Occasionally this could cause blood in the urine. Sometimes it could be advised to have a CT (computerized tomography) scan performed; this is done to find out where the pain is coming from and decide on a treatment. Often, people may need a cystoscopy to glance at the bladder for an assessment.

Can an STD cause the epididymis to become swollen and painful?

It could be unlikely that an STD (sexually transmitted disease) would cause the epididymis to swell or become painful. Epidiymitis can be common for an individual to experience. This condition can be treated easily with an antibiotic. However, if this condition does not clear up with an antibiotic or if discharge appears, it could be time for an STD test. Discharge could show gonorrhea or Chlamydia is present. Each of these STDs can be treated with different medications and antibiotics.

Will hydrocele cause an individual’s epididymis to vary in size during the day?

Epididymis often will not change in size because of hydrocele. This condition will not change in size; however the appearance could change because of an infection. Another option could be a hernia or varicocele is present. A varicocele is the enlarging of the veins above the testicles. When dealing with pain or swelling in the testis, it would be advised to have an urologist exam performed.

Epididymis is a part in the testis whereas many people have not heard of. Some individuals may want to know what epididymis is and why it is important. For more information about this subject individuals can contact an Expert for reliable answers.
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