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BMW engine problems

Although BMW cars are renowned for the reliability, fine handling and the driving experience they offer, they are, in the end, mechanical devices with complex electronics controlling a large part of their functioning. This sophistication enables the engines to perform at their best in terms of power, speed and fuel economy.BMW engines are more often than not reliable, and however there are times when one would have a BMW engine problem that they would need to have repaired. Read below where question have been asked to Experts regarding BMW engines problems and BMW engine repair issues.

If a 330xi BMW engine shakes after starting and also when it is at idle. could it be a misfire even if there is no check engine warning light that comes on?

If there is no Check Engine warning, it is unlikely that the shaking is caused by a misfire. Still, have the car’s fault memory read out in case there was a problem in the past which can be checked to ensure that it does not reoccur. The most likely cause of the shaking could be a bad motor mount or a bad transmission mount. Mounts fail with time, because of manufacturing defects or if the car has been involved in an accident.

What does it mean when the Check Engine lamp in my 318i comes on and what could be the issue that would cause this type of BMW engine problem?

In most cases , the BMW engine would have an on board computer that monitors performance and checks for defects and problems. When a fault is detected, the Check Engine light comes on. The causes could be anything from a hydraulic leak to a misfire, low compression, an electrical short and much more. Each fault has its own code and the only way to find the exact nature of the fault is to connect a scanner to the car’s computer and read the stored fault codes.

If the Service Engine light on a BMW 330ci has come with the error code P0174 and P1351 what could the BMW engine problem be causing these codes?

The P0174 code means that the system is too lean – the fuel/air mixture has too much air and not enough gas. The most common reasons for this is an intake air leak, bad airflow sensor or a failed crankcase vent. The P1352 code refers to a misfire in cylinder 5 which could be caused by the lean condition, a defective spark plug or coil, a bad injector on cylinder 5 or an internal cylinder issue which is very rare. Using a high end diagnostic computer will help to quickly pinpoint the exact nature of the problem.

Should someone take their 2004 BMW 545i to the shop if they are having issues with the engine stalling while idling at 500-700 rpms?

The stalling at idle is often caused by an air intake leak, fuel pressure problem, a failure of the crankcase ventilation or a problem in the idle control. Since the check engine light came on the nature of the fault will be logged into the car’s computer. Have the fault readout done using a scanner –the workshop will have one – and you will know exactly what the problem is. Since you need the scanner, going to the workshop is the best option.

If the check engine light comes on when the gas tank on a BMW 525i is ¼ full but goes off when the tank is full, what could be wrong with the BMW engine or is this a fuel system problem?

The BMW problem is likely to be with the fuel pump or in-tank transfer pump. The only way to be sure is to hook up the car’s computer to a scanner to get the fault code which will tell you exactly what the problem is. Since the check engine light comes on, the fault code will be stored.

Trying to fix BMW engine problems without the proper guidance can often result in doing more harm than good. Many times owner’s manuals do not give the procedures to fix common BMW engine problems. If the information you need is not available in the manual getting Expert advice and guidance is the best way to proceed.
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