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Volvo Engine Problems

Volvo is a long-established maker of quality in-line engines. Volvo engines are numbered according to a particular code which indicates the year they are manufactured, the type of fuel used, engine displacement and number of valves per cylinder.

In 1990 the company, in collaboration with Porsche, began manufacturing engines ranging from four to six cylinders. Of late Volvo has been powering some of its models with V8 engines designed jointly with Yamaha Motors of Japan. Many owners seek guidance from Experts on Volvo Engine repair. Read below for some typical situations and the answers given by Experts

What does Volvo Engine code 019 -Engine system service required - mean?

Code 019 means the Engine Management Computer (ECU) has detected a problem. Have an auto store use a diagnostic scanner to reveal the exact problem. The scanner will go further into the ECU to see what codes are stored and these reveal exactly what is wrong.

Is a throttle body replacement on a Volvo engine justified after only 24,000 miles on a well-maintained engine?

Throttle body replacement used to be a common problem which justified a recall in older Volvo engines, but not since 2008. The Volvo throttle body should last 100,000 miles, under normal circumstances. To replace this will cost about $900.

Why is a Volvo engine overheating when the coolant level is ok and no error lights are on?

If the cooling fans work and the coolant level is good then the thermostat may need replaced. It is usually recommended that original Volvo parts be used. Prices may vary depending on location and dealership.

Can the check engine light be reset on a Volvo C70?

The CEL comes on when the on-board computer detects a fault which can be one of literally hundreds of possibilities. It is only a generic indicator that there is an engine fault which merits further investigation. The computer will have to be read to know exactly what code is stored and only then will the general area of the problem be known causing this light to come on. The problem has to be fixed; it is the only way to permanently reset the CEL light.

Why can a Volvo S40 not cross 3,000 rpm when the reduced engine performance light turns on?

When this happens the ECU puts the car into ‘limp home’ mode which restricts the amount of power available. This is a safety measure to allow the car to reach home and still protect the engine from damage. The solution is to check the stored fault code through a diagnostic scanner, identify the cause of the problem and repair the engine as soon as possible.

Volvo engines are high-performance, robust and durable. On average they are reputed to have a life of 300,000 miles without the need for overhaul or a Volvo engine replacement, provided the engine is regularly maintained. Many Volvo owners seek the advice of Experts in engine maintenance and in effecting minor engine repair. Invariably their questions receive a prompt response which includes an effective solution.
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