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Toyota Engine Problems

Toyota vehicles are known for their sturdy construction and reliability. One of the main causes for this reputation is the quality of the engines used in the company’s vehicles. But this well-earned reputation does not mean that Toyota engine problems never occur. They do and often finding the answers to owner’s questions on the right repair solutions can be difficult.

This is why contacting Experts is such a valuable option for car owners facing Toyota engine problems. Read below to find a few common questions that have been answered by Experts.

Why would a 2002 Toyota Highlanders check engine light blink, the VSC and traction control lights come on? Could low oil cause this issue?

These lights should not come on because of low engine oil, unless the lack of oil has already damaged the engine. The blinking check engine light is usually caused by a misfire. The VSC and traction control lights can come on when there is an engine control malfunction. This is a response to a Toyota engine issue and does not necessarily indicate a problem with these systems. The danger with the misfire is the catalytic converter can overheat and become destroyed. The car should be taken to a dealer or qualified workshop for a detailed diagnosis. Owners can have the misfire fixed before the converter is damaged.

After a Toyota engine problem is fixed on a 1999 Toyota Camry how is the check engine light reset?

In order to reset the check engine light the Negative cable from the battery has to be disconnected and allowed to remain off for 15 minutes. After the allowed time, it can then be reconnected. This will enable the system to reset itself.

What does it mean and what can be done if the check engine light has been reset after an engine repair on a 2000 Corolla but the light has come on again after a day?

If the cause for the check engine light to appear has not been correctly addressed, resetting the warning will only cause it to stay off for a little while. After about 50 to 75 miles of driving the light will reappear. The best thing to do is to take the car to an auto parts store. Most of these stores will do a diagnostic read out of any stored fault codes. The fault codes can point to where the underlying fault lies and once this is fixed, the check engine light should stay off.

Why would the check engine and traction control lights come on in a 2011 Toyota Tundra and the four low light is flashing? What should be done?

When the check engine light comes on, the traction control and the four low lights also illuminate by default. If the light is not flashing and the vehicle is running without problems, it could be a case of a loose gas cap or other emission problem. If the negative battery cable is removed for 15 minutes the fault codes should be erased and the lights should go off. That is, unless there is a hard fail code stored. If the light remains on the individual can go have a fault code read out done to see if there is an engine problem. This will allow for the fault to be accurately identified. Ignoring the lights is not advisable.

Is it normal for the check engine light to come on after a battery replacement on a 2002 Corolla and will it turn off eventually?

The car’s computer is continually monitoring and learning about the car’s performance to optimize performance. This is based on inputs from sensors and valves. When a battery is replaced, the computer finds that the new readings it receives are not in line with the stored data. Sometimes the variation is too much for it to adjust to and accept. So it is flagged as a fault and the light will come on. After driving the car the computer will adjust to the new battery and the light should go off. If not, then fault readouts with a scan tool should be done to identify where the fault lies.

No matter how well built a car engine is, sooner or later it will need attention and/or repairs. The owner’s manual is a valuable resource for when the car owner faced with Toyota engine problems. However, the manual may not have all the answers. In such cases, the best thing to do is to get information and solutions from Experts.
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