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Jaguar Engine Troubleshooting

Has your Jaguar engine quit working and you need to know why? Or, do you need to troubleshoot a Jaguar engine which stalls intermittently? Often, problems like these arise at the most inconvenient times. When such is the case, car owners may not immediately know the best way to resolve them. This is where getting in touch with an Expert and seeking their professional assistance can serve as the best repair help.

Read below to find answers to your questions about Jaguar engines.

What does the engine system fault light on a Jaguar indicate?

It usually indicates either a faulty throttle or a defective engine management sensor. Clean the throttle and see if it fixes the problem. If not, replace it or else, change the sensor.

What can cause a Jaguar X-Type to display a check engine light?

A vacuum leak or a bad booster hose from brake booster to the intake can likely cause this issue. Check the engine for a hissing noise when it’s running. If the sound is there, the PCV hose might be broken causing the IMT valve to leak. If not, the booster hose could be faulty and will need replaced. Alternatively, inspect the O-rings at the intake for any leak. Spray some amount of carb cleaner around the intake to verify if the engine rpm changes. If not, replace the O-rings; or else, the mass air flow sensor could be faulty that will need a replacement.

How to replace the engine mounts on a Jaguar XK8?

  • Unfasten the 15mm nut from the top on the passenger side of the vehicle.
  • Then, remove the nut with a small wrench and pry bar.
  • Next, take out the torx from the bottom and lift the engine to detach the mount.
  • Finally, using the same removal procedure lower the rack and pinion on the driver’s side and remove the mount.

What causes the check engine and the automatic transmission lights to come on simultaneously on a 1996 Jaguar?

A defective engine control module (ECM) or a faulty transmission control module (TCM) can cause this to happen. The best recourse is to scan the vehicle for fault codes to determine which module is at fault and then, repair as needed.

How to remove the error code ‘P1643’ on a Jaguar engine?

  • Start the engine and measure the battery voltage to determine if a low battery can cause this. If so, it might either indicate a weak alternator or a bad power/ground cable connection.
  • Then, inspect the main ground strap on the passenger side to the transmission for corrosion.
  • Finally, verify if the gear shift illumination module is working correctly.

What could cause a Jaguar engine to stall?

This could either be due to a faulty fuel pump or a failed crank sensor. Measure the fuel pressure to the injector rail and check the engine rpm signal with a scan tool. Then, verify if the relays and the connections in the trunk fuse box and the engine compartment are fine. In case none of these procedures work, a shop repair would be recommended to fix the issue.

What causes an engine coolant light to appear on a Jaguar?

First, check if the coolant used is correct. If not, flush the system completely and replace it with a correct coolant. If the problem still persists, it could be due to a stuck float in the coolant tank that will need replaced to fix the issue. Make sure to drain the coolant completely before replacing the tank.

What causes an S-Type Jaguar engine to display the error code ‘P1549?’

A faulty IMT valve on the back of the intake can cause this issue. Check if both the IMT valves are properly connected to the intake. If so, swap the valves to verify if the issue remains. If it does, replacing the defective valve will be the next best repair option.

What could prevent a Jaguar engine from starting with a ‘Security System Failed’ message?

This could be from a failed instrument pack. Check if the inertia switch is tripped. If so, put your finger through the hole in the passenger side lower kick panel to reset the switch. If this still does not work, inspect the dash at the harness for any damage as excessive rubbing can likely cause a short. Finally, if nothing works, a reprogramming of the ECM will be needed.

A faulty engine can render a car useless. Thus, taking good care of your Jaguar engine is vital to keep it running smoothly and undisrupted. However, these systems can often malfunction causing vehicle owners to face huge problems. When this happens, consulting a verified Expert immediately is strongly recommended as delaying can make matters worse. Experts online will not only help to determine your problem but also repair them in a timely manner with effective troubleshooting. 

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