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Chrysler Engine Problems

Is the Chrysler engine giving you problems that you need help with? Are there error codes that you need help deciphering regarding the engine in your Chrysler? Do you need troubleshooting tips regarding the Chrysler engine?

Chrysler engines are complex machines and usually when you face a problem with them, the “check engine” light illuminates and through the help of the Chrysler scanning tool, a proper diagnosis can be made. Chrysler engine problems and its troubleshooting can be quite complicated as well as Chrysler engine replacement, which is a tedious task for professionals as well.

To know more about Chrysler engine problems, listed below are common questions answered by Experts.

What does the check engine light illuminating signify?

The “check engine” light is an indicator of a system which monitors many electronic functions in the system. Some of the causes or codes are vital and with further diagnosis it can lead to Chrysler engine damage or emission related problems which may not be as serious but need to be attended to. The first step to take would be to have the computer scanned to retrieve trouble codes which have set off the check engine light. These codes are able to provide more information and direction on the Chrysler engine problem at hand.

What does the error code P0430 signify after the replacement of the injector, valve PCV, spark plugs and gasket, the check engine light illuminated?

The P0430 code is an indication of a failing catalytic converter. The oxygen sensors measure the amount of emissions in the exhaust circulating through the converter. If the converter is not cleaning the exhaust sufficiently enough to meet the Chrysler specifications, the converter is deemed “below threshold” and the P0430 code along with the check engine light gets set. Something to ensure when this happens is that there is no current cylinder misfires or leaks in the exhaust system. If these components are fine, the converter could be failing and may need to be replaced. It should be ensured that the replacement converter is of high quality because many times, the discounted or universal converters do not meet the required specifications.

Why does the check engine light illuminate, fault code P0340 is displayed and the PT Cruiser starts to jerk while accelerating?

The P0340 code usually sets in when the powertrain control module (PCM) fails to recognize a signal from the cam sensor. The cam sensor can be found mounted to the left end of the cylinder head. It communicates the cam rotation status to the PCM. If the cam sensor signal drops, the controller imposes a revolution limitation which is the reason the car jerks while accelerating. The code is triggered either due to the sensor, wiring, connections, the PCM, the magnet at the end of the cam and so on. If the wiring and connections are fine, it is recommended to replace the cam sensor with a Mopar part.

Can a 2.7 Chrysler engine on a 2006 Sebring be replaced with a 3.2 Chrysler engine?

The 3.2 liter Chrysler engine is essentially an older model or style of engine. If it is replaced instead of the 2.7, it may not operate properly because of the manner in which inputs and outputs communicate with the electrical controllers. Apart from this, opting for an engine computer swap and wiring harness modification may not work on the 2006 Sebring. Therefore in such a scenario, the only possibility of another Chrysler engine to work in this car would be an identical 2.7 liter Chrysler engine.

Is a failing Chrysler engine mount causing vibration at the steering column and brake pedal while driving on a Chrysler Grand Voyager 2002?

Typically, a broken Chrysler engine mount cast bracket can cause sounds such as grinding, clicking, knocking, or rattling from the front end of the vehicle. This can also translate into symptoms such as problems with steering, sound while shifting into “Drive” or “Reverse” or vibration while accelerating. In such a scenario, in order to make an accurate diagnosis, the condition of the right Chrysler engine mount should be checked prior to inspecting the suspension, steering, wheels and body components. The Chrysler engine mount can be inspected by opening the hood and locating the cast bracket positioned above the accessory drive belt. Hoses or wiring which could be covering the mount should be moved aside. In case the aluminum cast bracket is broken or completely separated, the right Chrysler engine mount should be replaced.

As seen above, “check engine” light illuminating can be a symptom of Chrysler engine problems and other related components where an accurate diagnosis is mandatory. This is when the value of Expert information is high and can help understand the issue to find the right solution. Expert’s guidance and insights can give you more confidence and knowledge to address the problem.
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