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Chevy Engine Problems

The engine, in any vehicle, is considered the most important part of an automobile. Just like any other part, a Chevrolet engine may develop technical issues leading to questions on how to deal with them. Listed below are some common questions answered by Experts.

What could cause the check engine light in a Chevy engine of a 2006 Equinox to come on?

The “check engine” light usually indicates a problem in one of the vehicle’s monitored systems. First, check if the fuel cap is loose or faulty or damaged, as this can cause the light to come on. Also check the top of the fuel filler neck for damage or debris and under the vehicle for any cracks on the vacuum lines or loose connections. If there are no issues while driving the vehicle, then the EVAP (emissions control and recovery) system needs checked. If all these seem fine, then have a dealer scan the vehicle, using a diagnostic scanner to pull any fault codes. Since there are so many parts and sensors in the systems it becomes difficult for an individual to diagnose the problem on their own. Contact an Expert who can effectively perform Chevy engine troubleshooting.

What can cause the “reduced engine power” warning light to come on in a Chevrolet engine?

A faulty or defective throttle body can cause such Chevy engine problems. It could be a fault in the electronic system, buildup of carbon inside the throttle body or faulty wiring. Check to ensure that the wiring within the throttle body is intact and not pinched or stretched and there is no damage to the part. Using a scan tool or code reader check the codes on the vehicle’s computers. These codes will serve as a starting point for an Expert who can diagnose and help rectify the issue.

What Chevrolet Engine problems can repeatedly set off a code P0496 on a Chevy Trailblazer?

The code P0496 usually reads as “Evaporative Emission (EVAP) System flow during non-purge”. It could indicate that the purge valve of the vehicle fails intermittently and the owner should check the valve for any defects. Even though the valve could be cleaned, it is recommended to replace it to resolve the problem. The part can be replaced by following the guidelines from the service manual.

How to rotate a Chevy engine in a 2005 Uplander in order to replace the alternator?

Rent a special tool known as the “J 41131 Engine Tilt Strap” from any big chain parts store in order to perform this procedure. Begin by taking out the air inlet duct of the throttle body and setting the park brake. Move the transaxle to neutral and take out the engine mount strut bolts. Now install the Engine Tilt strap and use it to pull the engine in order to rotate the engine forward. Finally tighten the tilt strap.

There are many Chevrolet engine problems that could occur and each issue may need a unique solution. Hence it is preferable to get advice from the Experts on JustAnswer, who can provide correct information and answer any questions that may arise.

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