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Encryption Related Questions

What is Encryption and how does it work?

Encryption is a process of encoding information into a form called cipher text. This process prevents hackers or unauthorized users from reading confidential messages/information on a computer or over the internet. This is done by using encryption key or encryption algorithm. This is the most effective way to maintain data security. Encrypted data or cipher text can be decoded by an authorized user by using decryption algorithm. Unencrypted data is called plain text. Private-key encryption or symmetric encryption and public-key encryption or asymmetric encryptions are two different types of encryption schemes. Below are answers provided by Experts on Encryption questions and its related subjects.

What is the encryption key for Powerline AV 200 adapter?

For Powerline AV 200 adapter, the default encryption key would be HomePlug AV. To apply this, click either on the powerline device icon or security (padlock) icon which is visible on the main powerline configuration screen. Then click on the security tab in the menu and then select the required box next to every single device that you want to encrypt. The next step is to type a relatively strong encryption key which should be at least 8 characters long and should include both upper and lower case characters and numeric characters. Once, you have your encryption key ready, click on ‘apply security to selected devices’ tab and click ‘ok’.

What encryption software should be used for solid-state drives and memory thumb drives?

There are a few Anti-Theft programs out on the market. For most users, it seems that McAfee Anti-Theft has been the most popular. Here is a link to the user’s manual and step by step instructions. 

What is the best encryption product which can ensure the encryption of confidential files and emails in an effective way?

One of the most commonly used is Symantec PGP Universal Server. Its effective encryption platform usually can satisfy all requirements by managing data encryption process on a single console.

How would someone decrypt encrypted files from a hard drive that is connected to a different computer running on Windows XP but has the same user name and password as the other computer to which the hard drive was earlier connected?

Usually, to decrypt encrypted files stored in a hard drive in a Windows XP environment, you need to check out the this link.  Select and right click on the folder/file that you intend to decrypt and then click on ‘properties’ and hit on the ‘advanced’ tab. Now to decrypt the data, click on ‘encrypt contents to secure data’ check box. Then hit ‘ok’ button and close the ‘advanced attributes’ and ‘properties’ dialogue boxes. In case, if you are looking to decrypt a certain file in the folder, you need to click on ‘ok’ as the ‘confirm attributes changes’ dialogue box pops in. However, if you want to decrypt the all the contents of the folder, you got to click on ‘apply changes to this folder, sub-folders and files’ and then hit ‘ok’ button. This should help you.

The incredible growth in the usage of computer and internet has made the whole process of encryption one of its most integral as far as the concept of data security is concerned. Millions and billions of people around the world are using internet to buy various products using their credit card or debit card details and almost all of us are mainly into net banking. This apart, all the corporate houses across the globe send and receive numerous sensitive and confidential mails for intended recipients. In this case, we need to know, what type of encryption product or software is going to suite our needs. As the issue of encryption is a vast matter, it is always good to get in touch with an Expert on this matter to be on safe side.

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