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Military Emergency Leave

A military man taking emergency leave

Emergency leave is granted for personal or family emergencies involving the immediate family. Unit commanders often are the ones who approve these types of leaves. An active service member cannot request emergency leave for things such as normal pregnancy of a spouse, care of children during a spouse’s illness, or decision making of martial or financial issues. Emergency leave can be allowed for many other things such as needing the presence of the member because of a close family member is dying, there has been a death in the immediate family, injury, major surgery, or serious illness, a natural disaster such as a flood, hurricane or tornado that has affected the member personally. Read below where many people have asked Experts specific questions relating to emergency leave.

In order for a solider to come home on emergency leave is the transit fee and processing fee reimbursed?

This is one of the most common scams. The United States Military has no fee dealing with emergency leave. Many criminals in Asia and Africa have been impersonating United States Service members and conning family members to believing that they need money in order to take a leave, and this is not the case.

How can a service member add another military person to where if something happens they can get emergency leave to see each other?

There is no legal way that will allow this and allow someone to claim another person to claim their friend as family to allow emergency leave. Although they must understand the process of emergency leave, this decision is left up to the commander. If one of the service member’s family is ill and the Red Cross sends out a message that their presence is needed, the commander will most likely allow this leave, but once again it is not required. At the same time, if the service member has a close friend that needs their assistance, and they present this information to the commander, the commander has to power to grant this leave as well.

What is considered emergency leave?

Emergency leave can consist of many things such as illness in the immediate family where the doctor states that the service member’s presence can help the situation. Then the Red Cross can send out a message, and this would normally allow for the emergency leave.

Is it true that leave is only granted to go see family or be with the family?

Normal leave can be approved for any reason. Generally the person does not have to state why they want the leave, only state where they will be and their contact information. Many times due to work overload leave can be denied. . Emergency leave is usually restricted to parents, wives, children and some close relatives. As with all leave, it is the commander that has the power to grant emergency leave. Most commanders are paternal and compassionate and if the operational tempo allows would be happy to grant leave. It’s key to let your commander know of the relationship if the need arises. One example is a Marine whose “aunt” raised him, though she was not related.

If someone has been arrested for going absent without leave from the Marine Corps how long does it take for the military to come get them, and can they receive emergency leave for a sick family member?

In these cases it can take up to a week for them military to come and get this person. It is often very unlikely that the military will allow this person to go on emergency leave, until the military has picked them up and has them back into the Marine custody. They will need to send a request to the Red Cross, so the Red Cross can send a message to the unit, asking them to grant emergency leave. Any type of leave, even emergency leave is not a right, and it can possibly be refused. Many factors will determine whether or not they will be granted this leave, one being how long they have been absent without leave, and if there are other charges pending when they left, also along with their prior military performance record.

When active duty military are faced with questions about whether a situation qualifies for requesting emergency leave or if the relationship is close enough, these can be misunderstood. You can Experts about what different military branches allow and the reasons for emergency leave.

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