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Corporate Embezzlement Laws

What is embezzlement?

Embezzlement is the unlawful taking of company or employee money. There are many issues that may arise when dealing with embezzlement. Many people are unaware of the legal consequences when dealing with corporate embezzlement.

Embezzlement questions are some of the more frequently asked questions online. You can find answers to your questions by asking an Expert. Below are some of the commonly asked questions about corporate embezzlement laws.

How would a person defend themselves if they are being wrongfully suspected of embezzlement by the owner of a business if the employer is known for spending company money and blaming employees to cover their spending habits?

The main way a person can protect them self is to confront the employer and state that you will not tolerate being falsely accused of the accusations. Also you can remind them that if by spreading lies about ones character you would sue for defamation and slander.

In the state of Virginia what protection does a person have if they believed they were fired for informing the Board of Directors of an employer embezzling money from the company?

In the state of Virginia the only protection a “whistle blower” has is if the complaint filed had something to do with a violation of health or safety. If someone needs state specific questions answered regarding embezzlement, they can ask an Expert.

Can a person that has been fired for embezzling money still be entitled to their profit sharing while they were employed at the company?

A person fired for embezzlement can still receive their profit sharing but the company can also sue the employee for the money embezzled and have the money garnished from the profit share.

If an employer was to falsify timesheets would that be classified as embezzlement, fraud or even be against the law?

If there was the intent to take money from employees by falsifying the timesheets it would be illegal and classified as embezzlement. If the act was an accident by the employer it would still be illegal and could rise to the level of being fraudulent. In either case the employees could pursue civil or criminal charges against the employer.

How would a ex-employee go about filing a report against their ex-employer for embezzlement and have that show up on their employment and personal background?

If a person has visible proof and reports the crime to law enforcement for prosecution which would show up on any criminal background check, also they could sue the employer for any loses and this would show up on a civil lawsuit record.

Embezzlement is when a person willingly takes money from a company or other employees without permission for their own financial gain. Embezzlement laws in many states may be different depending on the amount of money that has been embezzled. When faced with embezzlement law questions many people are unsure of who to ask or where to turn with their embezzlement enforcement related questions. If you have any questions about embezzlement, embezzlement penalties or any other aspects of embezzlement laws you could ask an Expert for quick and affordable legal insights.
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