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Questions about the Legal Emancipation Process

What is emancipation?

Emancipation is the act or process of setting somebody – usually a minor – free and relinquishing somebody from restrictions. Emancipation is a term used to describe various efforts to obtain political rights or equality, often for a specifically disenfranchised group, or more generally in discussion of such matters. Laws related to the emancipation process often lead to questions like those answered JustAnswer below.

What can happen if a pregnant 16 year old moves out?

Normally, a child must be 18 years old to legally move out of the parents’ home, unless she gets emancipated by the court. If the child goes before the judge to be emancipated then the court could grant legal emancipation if the child is still in school, has a job, a place of that she can afford independently. However, due to the pregnancy, the judge may rule in the minor's favor and grant medical emancipation even if the rest of the usual criteria are not met. If the child is not emancipated and still moves out then the parent continues to be legally responsible for the child till she reaches the age of 18 years.

If a child has filed for emancipation is the parent still responsible until the emancipation is granted?

Normally, the parent of a child that is waiting to be emancipated is still held legally and medically responsible for anything that the child does.

In the United Kingdom what are the laws of emancipation?

Legally for a minor to become emancipated the age requirement is usually 18 years of age in the UK.

Once a child turns 18 do they have the right to decide on the visitations between two parents?

When children turn 18, they are legally considered adults and can normally make the decisions for themselves. The court will no longer be involved in the decisions between the parent’s visitations rights once a child turns 18, unless it is established that, for medical or other reasons, the child is incapable of taking independent decisions. Medical emancipation, legal emancipation and the emancipation process can often trigger legal questions that need expert insights and clarifications. If you are unclear about your rights and responsibilities during an emancipation process, it is best to get Expert legal insights and opinion.
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