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Electroconvulsive Therapy Questions

What is electroconvulsive therapy and what is it used for?

When a psychiatrist uses electric currents to induce seizures in a person for therapeutic effect, this may often be considered to be electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). In the past this type of therapy was known as electroshock therapy. The seizures that are induced may be induced in order to help some patients with severe depression as well as mania, catatonia or even schizophrenia and may be induced through electro waves. When an individual is in need of ECT, the individual may have many questions about the side effects, if ECT will be effective and how safe ECT really is. Read below where some questions regarding electroconvulsive therapy has been answered by Experts.

Can a person get aspiration pneumonia from ECT and what antibiotics may be prescribed?

When someone is going through ECT, there may often be a chance that the individual may develop aspiration pneumonia. In some cases, aspiration pneumonia may be dangerous to the individual and may need to be treated with antibiotics in order to help clear it up. Some forms of antibiotics that may be given to the individual may be Rocephin, Zithromax, Levaquin or even Avelox.

Can a person get vertigo from ECT and if not what should the person do to find out where the vertigo came from?

In some individuals who receive ECT, there may often be a chance that they may have a form of vertigo right after the treatment. However, there may also be a chance that the vertigo may not be a normal long term side effect from the ECT. Vertigo may often be caused from an inner ear inflammation and the individual may need to have a MRI done of the ear or brain to determine if there may be other causes for the vertigo.

What can a person who is breast feeding do to treat their postpartum depression if they do not want to take any medications?

When someone is suffering from postpartum depression and the individual does not want to take the normal medication because they are breast feeding; there may be a chance that the individual may need to speak with a psychiatrist and possibly try electroconvulsive therapy. The ECT may however help the individual to stimulate the brain and also help with the chemicals that may often cause depression.

Who should a person see for a ECT and can the ECT be done in a small town?

When an individual is in need of ECT, a doctor that may administer the ECT may be a psychiatrist. There may however be a chance that if the psychiatrist is not a specialist in ECT, then the psychiatrist may not be able to perform the ECT, but may however be able to refer the individual to a specialist. The individual may not be able to find an ECT specialist in a small town; however the individual should be able to find this type of specialist in a much larger hospital or treatment facilities.

Electroconvulsive treatments may be done to help an individual with certain mental health issues. When an individual is in need of ECT, then the individual may have many questions as to where to find a person to administer the ECT, how the ECT may affect them or even if the ECT will cause other issues. When an individual is in need of answers to questions about ECT, the individual may turn to an Expert for reliable answers.
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