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Electrical Fuse Problems

A fuse is basically a short piece of wire that stops the excessive flow of electricity in a circuit by melting and separating. In an electrical device, fuses are connected in a serial manner so that when there is a high flow of current and the fuses blow, electricity is stopped from flowing through the entire circuit. Usually, when a strong overcurrent occurs, fuse wire could burn open and cause considerable damage from an arc blast. That’s why fuse wire is protected inside a safety sheath to minimize the damage.

Listed below are a few questions answered by the electricians on issues relating to electrical fuse problems and repair.

My electrical fuse box has a switch called “sub pump” that switches off a lot. What should I do?

The switch you are talking about seems like one that activates a submersable pump. This device is used when you need to pump water from the basement in situations where gravity cannot drain the lines. You need to be careful while using a submersable pump because if the power fails, you cannot pump the water out. For example, if the water overfills a basin, it will continue to pour out and flood the place. To fix the switch, it’s best to get in touch with an electrician to check for a short or to determine whether the pump is faulty.

There is a 100 amp fuse panel in my friend’s home. However, every time he opens the fridge, uses the stove or operates the clothes dryer, the lights dim all over the house. He’s tried to tighten all the connections but it doesn’t help. How can he fix this?

If he has checked all the connections and not diagnosed the problem, it would be best to call the power company. They can inspect the meter and its connections along with the connection to the transformer. If it all seems ok, it’s possible that the electrical fuse panel is simply old and worn out and he just needs to change it to a breaker panel.

I want to move my fuse box and electric meter off the floor and nearer the ceiling. Can I have an electrician carry out this job or do I have to call my electricity company?

Since you are responsible for the meter in your house, it would be alright to call your electrician. However, you might have to let the power company know about the relocation of these devices. Either the electrician or you might have to fill out a form to say that you are making these changes.

Every time I switch my lights off, they fuse and I have to replace the fuse wire. How can I fix this?

The reason this is probably happening is that your switch may be causing a momentary short. It’s likely that all you have to do is replace the switch. Ensure that there are no exposed wires in your outlet box and switch the power off when you are doing this. You might need to use a multitester to find the fault.

When a fuse blows, it could either mean that there is a power surge, an electric problem in the circuit, or that the circuit has been overloaded. There are many kinds of fuses available and when choosing one, you need to ensure that it fits the amperage of the circuit that it is installed in. Fast-acting fuses are best suited to protect electronic equipment of a delicate nature because before a power surge, they blow to minimize damage to the equipment. To prevent frequent replacements of fuses, delay or slow-blow fuses are used in household circuits since they are connected to electrical devices that are used often like lights and fans.
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