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Electric Range Problems

An electric range is essentially a combination of a stove and oven. It is a kitchen appliance used in the preparation and cooking of food by providing heat to it. The electric range uses and converts electrical energy into heat which is used for cooking as well as baking. The modern day electric ranges typically offer a wide variety of cooking options in one appliance. Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on electric range problems.

How do I replace the oven light assembly on the Jenn air slide in downdraft electric range?

This depends on whether you are looking to replace the entire assembly and not only the light bulbs. If this is the case, the entire oven will need to be slid out of its place and all the screws going into the side panel need to be removed. This will ensure the side panel comes off easily. Remove the ¼ inch nut drive screw holding the oven light assembly in position. Next you need to disconnect the wire harness inside the wall in order to replace it.

What could be wrong if an electric range is making loud popping noises when the breaker went off, now the oven does not work only the stove top and clock?

Since you have specified the stovetop and clock are functioning, this indicates the oven is receiving the 220 volts and a problem with the power can be ruled out. Try using the bake and broil options. All the heating functions of the oven is linked only through the display relay control board, hence there cannot be any fuses. If both bake and broil functions receive no heat, it indicates a problem with the display board. This means, the display will continue to appear as if it was working but most likely the L2 relay on the display board has short circuited. To fix this, the entire display control board will need to be ordered and replaced. The control board is one of the most common parts known to fail for various reasons and its lifespan is usually around five to eight years.

How can someone repair their electric range when the oven door was open while the lock moved and now the oven door will not shut?

This is a classic case, where the oven’s sensors are signaling the oven that the door is shut whereas in reality it is open. However, the same way, you need to figure a way in which the oven will sense the door is actually shut. To do this, open the door of the oven and find the door/light switch usually located around the frame of the oven. Push it in and hold it pressed so that the oven registers the door is shut. Next step would be to turn on the self clean cycle and wait for 60 seconds. After this time, cancel the self clean cycle and the door lock should open automatically. Once this happens, you can let go of the light switch button. The lock light should disappear and your oven should function normally after this.

I have power on the circuit board, clock, rotary switches and the hot element light turns on in my Kenmore electric range. Why aren’t the heating elements or oven coming on?

As described by you if everything lights up and is apparently working, with the only issue being no heat, the reason could be the oven is not receiving the required 240 volts. It is highly unlikely any other reason would cause the heat to cut off on the cooktop as well as the oven. You are most probably receiving only 120 volts which is why the lights are working, 240 volts is required for heating purposes. To address this, pull the oven forward and remove the screws at the back to remove the back panel. Check the power cord connections to ensure there is no short circuiting or burns. If they seem fine, check the power outage using a multimeter between two external posts on the terminal block where the power cord is connected. If you do not get a reading of 240 volts, the oven is not receiving 240 volts from the house electric connection, which you may need to investigate further.

As seen above, electric range troubleshooting mainly concerns control panels, sensors and switches. Correct power supply and output also plays an important role. Majority of instances the errors can be handled by you if you have someone to guide you through the process. An Expert can do this and give solutions to diagnose the problem with information and instructions to arrive at the solution. Experts can also provide necessary information on replacement parts for your electric range unit.
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