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Electric Oven Problems

Electric ovens are appliances which have a thermally insulated chamber for heating, cooking and baking different kinds of food. In order to heat to the required temperatures, electric ovens are fuelled by electricity. The main components of the ovens are usually an igniter, thermostat, timer, control panel, relay boards and so on. With age and use, the electric ovens could face issues with either of these parts. Listed below are a few common asked questions that have been answered by the Experts on electric oven problems.

A GE electric oven’s light comes on as well as the top burners but the program screen displays 8888. Can an individual repair this problem alone?

First thing you should try is pressing the clear button to eliminate the error. If that does not work, try turning off the circuit breaker for three to five minutes. Turn it on again to see whether the error message clears out. If this does not help, it is most likely a faulty control board causing this issue and may need to be replaced. This part could cost approximately $150 and if you are electrically and mechanically inclined, you will be able to replace it. The new control board currently available in the market has been improved with different wiring and comes as a kit. Hence if you feel comfortable in doing so you can go ahead and order the part. If not, you can have an appliance repair person to handle it for you.

The door lock on a GE electric oven (used occasionally) has been accidently turned on. The door will not shut as the message being displayed is “locked”. What can an individual do to repair this problem?

Open the oven door completely and inspect the oven cavity. You should be able to find a button which gets depressed or pressed in by the oven door when it shuts. Press and hold the button manually and turn on the self cleaning cycle. At this point, continue to keep the button pushed, do not let it go. Allow the self clean function to run for 30 to 40 seconds and cancel the function. Keep the button held until you hear the door lock motor cycle and release the latch. This could clear the message. If it does not work the first time, repeat the process a few times.

Is it possible to replace or repair the scratched or eroded enamel from the bottom of a Kenmore Elite electric oven?

A temporary solution for your oven since the heating elements are on top, could be removing these heating elements and using sand paper to clean and clear out the bottom frame. Next you could paint it with high-temperature resistant enamel paint. Since this is not a permanent solution it mainly depends on how good a paint job and coating you manage to do. A permanent solution would be to replace the inner cavity or lining. This can cost approximately $300 - the lining cost being $140 and extra for labor charges depending on the service company since this is a major repair. In the meantime, it is safe for you to use the oven but the liner can rust.

Why won’t a Frigidaire electric oven heat up though the bake element reading is 21 OHMS and the broil element reading is 18 OHMS?

This model of electric oven has no fuse or overload cut out mechanism installed which can cause both the bake and broil elements to malfunction. It is a possibility that the unit is not receiving the prescribed 240 volts from the power source which is one reason both functions do not work. However if the top burners are working the oven is receiving 240 volts. The last issue could be the display control board not signaling 240 volts to the elements. It works in the following manner. There are usually two relays which provide L1, 120 volts to the bake and broil. Another relay provides L2, 120 volts to both elements when either one is turned on. It is unlikely for both relays to be faulty and most likely it is an issue with the L2 relay. To fix this issue, the clock display needs to be ordered and replaced.

What does the F3 error signify on a GE electric oven?

An F3 error signifies an open or short circuited oven sensor. Sometimes it can be a situation where the wiring harness which connects the sensor to the control could be kinked or poorly wired leading to this error. Ensure it is fine. If that checks out fine, the oven sensor is at fault and may need to be replaced to resolve the issue.

Electric ovens are convenient and easy to use. They can be one of the most important appliances in a modern kitchen. They are versatile and convenient. You can make a variety of foods in an oven whether it is savory or sweet. The common problems detailed above are practically easy to decipher and action if you are handy and inclined to do so. However the information and insights from Experts can be important to figure out your unique problem and solution for your electric oven.
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