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Electric Dryer Problems

Electric dryers are clothes dryers or drying machines used to dry washed clothes usually from a washing machine. These dryers run on electricity when the unit is plugged into the power outlet. Majority of the dryers typically have a rotating drum referred to as a tumbler through which heated air is circulated to evaporate the moisture content from the load. Based on the type of appliance you own the problems could defer. Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on electric dryer problems.

Why does a Cabrio electric dryer not work despite replacing the thermal fuse?

To begin with the thermal fuse will not cut out the display. This rules out the possibility of fuses or cut offs which will prevent the display from illuminating. Next you should ensure the dryer is receiving 240 volts power supply where the power cord connects at the back of the dryer. If the power supply is indeed 240 volts, the main power relay board inside the control panel on the far right side, will need to be replaced.

A GE electric dryer shuts down at mid-cycle and comes on again (only for ten minutes) once the dryer sets for a little bit, what could be the problem?

The symptoms described by you are signs of the motor overheating. The motor has an inbuilt thermal limiter. If the bearings on the motor start to wear out, it can lead to overheating of the motor and possible shut down of the dryer. It tends to re-start or reset once the motor has cooled down sufficiently. This problem can be resolved by replacing the motor. A motor can generally cost over $250 including shipping. This is quite expensive and you may want to consider replacing the unit for a new one rather than an expensive repair.

Why would a Kenmore electric dryer make a clicking noise at the dry time settings selector knob and the dryer does not come on?

This seems to be an indication of an open thermal fuse. First you need to unplug the dryer and remove its large rear panel. Look for a white plastic part on the blower duct which has two blue wires attached to it. You need to test this component and to do so, remove the wires and secure them together firmly using a tape as an insulation. Turn on the dryer to check if it works. Also test the dryer to ensure it is not overheating and the venting system in the housing is clear of any clogging. These actions are for testing purposes only. If the dryer works with the wires secured together, you need a new thermal fuse part which needs to be replaced prior to drying laundry in the machine.

What could be the problem on a Kenmore electric dryer if the dryer will not start?

Open the door and push the door switch to ensure you hear it clicking in place. If it does not, the switch needs to be replaced as the dryer will not operate if the door is open. If the switch does click in place, pull the dryer out and remove all screws from the back panel. Access the fuse to check if it has gone bad. To check the fuse, tape the two wires together to bypass the fuse and to ensure you are testing it accurately. You could also use a multimeter. If the dryer starts, you can confirm the fuse is causing the issue.

Would a thermostat or sensor issue be the cause of a Whirlpool electric dryer to overhead and shutdown?

First thing you can do is disconnect the vent and set an empty dryer on high temperature. After ten minutes, check the temperature of the exhaust air by probing inside the exhaust. You could use a thermometer (a meat thermometer will suffice) to check and the temperature should range between 140 to 160 degrees. If the temperature checks fine, remove the front panel and check if the motor is encased in lint. The motor’s internal thermal overload can cause it to shut down because of overheating. Another cause with similar symptoms is if the vent between the dryer and its exit from your house is blocked. Check the vent by re-hooking and test air flow at the exit. You could also try to use the dryer with the vent disconnected (the room could get warm and moist), once the load is complete, the vent is clean or can be cleaned.

Electric dryers are quite useful and easy to use. Their problems could deal mostly with control panels, switches and motors. Accurate power supply and output also plays an important role. You can locate the problem and address it if you follow an elimination process by testing the main possible contributors to the problem. The Experts on JustAnswer can answer many questions regarding electric dryer problems, repairs and troubleshooting.

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