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Electric Cooktop Problems

An electric cooktop is a kitchen appliance used in the preparation and cooking of food by providing heat to it. It is similar to an electric stove using and converting electrical energy into heat which is used for cooking as well as baking. The electric cooktops come with different options such as glass, ceramic and metal tops which have their specific advantages, features and finish. The modern day electric cooktops come with an oven option too. Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on electric cooktop.

Why would a Wolf electric cooktop’s lock light blink?

Try pressing and holding the lock button to unlock the unit. If this does not work it is most likely that the touch control panel below the glass cooktop has short circuited. Since turning off the power or resetting the unit has also been tried without any success, you may need to replace the touch control. The touch panels can be quite expensive ranging from $300 to $500. You could try contacting the manufacturers to assist with the repair if this unit is relatively new (a year old or just over a year).

Why does a Frigidaire electric cooktop stove/oven’s knob seem loose and turn at the slightest touch?

These are a variety of knobs referred to as infinite switches which need not be pushed in and turned unlike the knobs on other cooktops. This can pose a potentially dangerous situation if the knobs are turned unintentionally. It is not possible to easily change the knobs on these ranges as they could cost more than the cooktop. There is minimal you can do to fix the problem apart from cooking without the knobs. It is probably better to replace the range and ensure the knobs on the new cooktop are a variety of knobs which need to be pushed in and turned to activate.

Why is there no heat coming from any four burners on a Jenn air electric cooktop though the knobs work and the lights glow?

If you are not receiving heat on any of the four burners, it is most likely an issue with the power supply going to the cooktop. They generally operate on 220 volts and the burner will not work if the power is lower. Lights illuminate with lesser power which is why the lights are functional. Check the fuses and breakers for any damage. If you have two fuses, probably one could be faulty. The beakers require a voltmeter to check the power going through it.

What can cause a ten year old Frigidaire electric cooktop’s glass to crack if nothing was dropped on it?

The glass used on these cooktops is generally a special thermal variety meant to withstand high temperatures. There are two possible reasons which can cause breakage. Mechanical which means something heavy is dropped on it especially around the edges of the glass. Thermal causes of extreme temperatures can break it if it is over the threshold of the glass. For example: a cold wet pan being set on a hot surface element could result in thermal breakage. Some of these cooktops could have extended warranty against breakage. Since yours is ten years old, the manufacturer’s warranty is not valid. If you have homeowner’s warranty, it may be valid if you are able to prove definitively nothing was dropped on it. Replacing the glass top could cost you over $300.

How can I fix two of the touch sensors for the lower burners on a Thermador electric cooktop which are not working?

Sensors are similar to sponges in appearance and texture; you can try squeezing them or “puff” them up a little. This action could get them to work at times. Sometimes, dirty sensor tips can interfere in their working. Clean out any grease which may be on the cooktop or around the burners. If this does not help, the entire touch control board will need to be replaced. To do that you will need to dismantle the cooktop and remove the glass top, it should pull right off. Reinstalling is quite simple where the new part needs to be plugged in place of the old one. A new touch pad can cost you over $600.

Why is a Wolf electric cooktop’s control displaying an error E-19 and beeping continuously?

If the control panel is locking itself after it is unlocked, the E-19 code indicates the control board is defective. Usually resetting the breaker resets the electronic components. However, try flipping the breaker off for two minutes to reset the control board. If this does not work, the control board inside the cooktop will need to be replaced.

As seen above, electric cooktops do face their own share of issues. The cooktops with glass panels may need extra attention while handling and cleaning because if they crack it can be quite cumbersome to fix. Correct power supply to the electric cooktop is necessary for proper functioning. Majority of instances the repair can be handled by you with someone to guide you through the process. An Expert can do this provide solutions in order to fix the many common problems that seem to arise with an electric cooktop.
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