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Electric Cooker Problems

In simple terms, an electric cooker is an electrically powered cooking appliance meant for cooking and heating food. The system is powered by electricity unlike gas stoves which use natural or fossil fuels/gas. Most electric cooker models, have four stoves and one or two ovens. There are also four rings at the top portion of the hob. The knobs on the hobs control and determine the temperatures maintained at the stove and oven. Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on electric cooker problems.

Can an Amana country cooker be used in a microwave?

Electric cookers can be used to cook food faster and better than possible in a microwave. However it can also be safely used in any microwave.

Why is a Whirlpool electric cooker igniters clicking constantly?

The mechanism of the rotary switch which operates these knobs is essentially a switch on the shaft of each of the burner knobs. These switches activate the spark ignition for all burners when the knob is operated or turned. In your case, the unit is sparking with the knobs remaining unturned or off. This suggests the switches could have short circuited become defective after being wet from cleaning. To address this issue, switch off the main power and open the top panel and disconnect one of the switch wires, insulate the open wire with electrical tape and turn the power back on. If the sparks cease, you have found the faulty switch, if it does not, repeat this process on the next switch until the sparking stops.

Is it possible for an electric cooker to come on with the timer when the oven knob is turned off?

In most cases, if the appliance has a mechanical timer with on and off controls, it may not be possible for the cooker to come on. However if it is a digital timer, the likelihood of the relay connecting and coming on is higher. Another aspect is the appliance could contain more than one relay which needs to be energized in order to make it heat. Therefore to prevent the unit from powering on when not required or unpredictably, it should be noted that most units will have several safety devices installed within them to prevent this from occurring.

What could be done if an electric cooker is making a rattle noise that sounds like fan blades have been obstructed?

First thing would be to try pushing the door in a firm and upward movement and if the rattle stops, the door could be loose. This is due to loose or bent hinges, a distorted or damaged door or de-alignment of the door interlock assembly. The door interlock assembly consists of three separate door switches or two switches where one has double switches. The assembly is executed to keep the microwave dormant when the door is open. The interlock design is such that when the door is shut correctly, they will align properly. If the door is not closed correctly, it will remain locked or it can cause a short circuit across the power line resulting in a blown fuse. This may require oven service to be resolved. As the machines age, the alignment can get skewed. Since your door is rattling when the microwave is energized it could be causing the microwave radiation to leak into the room. This is a hazardous situation and repair cannot be handled at home as there is a need for specialized equipment and electronic experience.

As seen above, electric cookers do face their own share of issues. Correct power supply to the electric cooker is necessary for proper functioning. Water spillage or water related incidents on these units can cause some extent of damage. In majority of the instances the repair can be handled by you with someone to guide you through the process. An Expert can do this and help you diagnose the problem and arrive at the solution.
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