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Eggs for Dogs

As pet owners some of us will offer our pets a little offering from our plates as a treat or a gesture in sharing what we have. In that one’s dog loves an occasional scrambled egg as a treat, is it ok in offering eggs for dogs? Can an occasional raw egg be a good source of calcium for a dog? There may be controversy amongst pet owners in what foods are safe for our pets to consume. An Expert may have insight to people food that is safe to share with a pet. Read below to find Experts answers relating to eggs for dogs.

Is it okay to feed eggs to dogs?

In that a dog’s digestive system may not tolerate a variety of foods, it may be best to avoid raw, seasoned or fried eggs. If you’re pet shows no sign of allergy and is on a balanced diet for dogs than it may not hurt to give a dog eggs on a special occasion if one feels it is truly a treat for their pet.

Is it okay for a dog to eat raw eggs?

Although this may not recommended for a dog’s diet, raw eggs for dogs may be tolerated by most pets. Salmonella could be an issue, but normally dogs are resistant of these bacteria. Side effects of a dog allergy of raw eggs may be vomiting and diarrhea. If your dog shows a change in behavior or symptoms occur, one may want to consult with their veterinarian of what to do for a dog who has consumed raw eggs.

Can a dog digest egg shells?

Dog foods are designed for your pet’s health, nutrition and digestive system. There may be some that believe that egg shells for dogs may be a source of calcium and minerals for their pet. Although egg shells are not toxic and may not physically affect your pet’s digestive system, a diet formulated for your dog may be enough in offering the nutrition your pet requires.

Are scrambled eggs good for dogs? Sometimes syrup is added to them.

Scrambled eggs given in small amounts may be okay for most dogs as an addition to their regular diet. The addition of syrup to the scrambled eggs may need to be less frequent, as the sugar in the syrup may affect a dog in the same manner as it would affect a person, therefore sugar intake should be at a minimum.

Is it safe to feed a dog eggs and milk?

One may be cautious when offering eggs for dogs in that they are high in cholesterol. Fried eggs can lead to other health issues that may include pancreatitis. The digestive systems of dogs may not offer enzymes necessary in the digestion of milk and dairy products, causing diarrhea and vomiting if given in to large of quantities or offered frequently to one’s pet.

Even though our pet’s diets may seem boring, they are designed specifically with a dogs, nutrition, health and digestive system in mind. Dogs that are healthy and show no signs of allergy may be able to tolerate and digest foods with no problems where others may have symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea in offering foods such as dairy products and eggs. Eggs for dogs can be safe but bear in mind that eggs for dogs should be offered in small amounts and infrequent for the better health of one’s pet. For more information pertaining as to whether or not a dog can add eggs to their diets, contact the thousands of reliable Experts.
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