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Eczema in Children

Many people in the world suffer from the skin condition known as eczema. Ads for medications for eczema can be seen on television. But what exactly is eczema? Eczema is a skin condition that reacts to allergens in an individual’s environment; the rash that occurs is made up of dry skin and itches. Eczema does not happen to just one age group, it affects all ages. Eczema in children is even a common occurrence. Below are questions that have been answered by the Experts in regards to eczema in children.

What are some treatments for eczema in children?

Some treatments that are used for eczema in children is the application of emollient creams such a Vaseline or Aquaphor after wetting the skin with water at least twice a day. Also for eczema in children bathing should reduced from daily to every other day. When a flare up that is minor occurs, over the counter hydrocortisone creams. For flare ups that are more severe in nature creams that have a higher dose of steroid, which will require a prescription, may be necessary. To help in managing flare ups an evaluation for allergens may need to be done.

Can eczema in children cause patches of skin discoloration?

Eczema in children can cause patches of skin discoloration. The reasoning for this is that eczema’s process can change the skin just as trauma to the skin can cause discoloration. What actually makes the skin become discolored is the healing response. The medication that is applied to the areas of eczema does not cause the discoloration; just like areas of trauma the worst areas leave more skin discoloration. The discoloration can fade as time passes, like a scar from trauma.

Why are emollients and steroids used for eczema in children treatments?

Since eczema is allergen reactive dry skin, emollients are used to rehydrate and keep the skin hydrated. Also beyond keeping the skin moisturized, it also keeps the skin protected. The use of steroids for eczema in children is used to keep the body from reacting to something such as an allergen, or to reduce the body’s natural inflammation response along with the itching that can come with it. An example of an emollient that is often used is Vaseline.

Can allergies make eczema in children break out?

In many cases, allergens can lead to eczema in children outbreaks. Eczema is a skin condition in which the skin is dry and reacts to allergens. Finding out what allergies a child has and what triggers the eczema will help to prevent future eczema outbreaks and help to control them.

Common treatments for eczema in children are the use of emollients and steroid creams. The emollients help to hydrate the skin as well as protect it from allergens, while the steroids decrease the inflammatory response to the allergens and as well as helping to relieve the itch associated with it. Eczema like any trauma t the skin can bring about skin discoloration; it is not the eczema itself that directly cause the skin discoloration. The healing response to eczema is what causes the skin discoloration. The discoloration may fade with time. Since eczema is an allergen reactive skin condition, allergies can bring about an outbreak of eczema. Any questions regarding eczema in children may be asked of the Experts.
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