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Eczema Treatment

Eczema is a condition that is caused when the skin gets inflamed and becomes red, itchy and dry. Most of the times, this may be a chronic problem and is commonly found in infants. People who have eczema may also be prone to allergies. It is said to be a genetic condition that may get triggered due to various factors like stress, heat and sweat, cold and dry climates and dry skin. Read below where some of the important questions about eczema and its causes, symptoms, treatment and what eczema is caused by have been answered by Experts.

For how long should one use steroid creams when treating eczema?

One may have to use steroid creams till all the redness from the skin is gone while treating eczema. The redness is an indicator that the inflammation still exists and may flare up if the cream is discontinued. However, if one has been using the cream for more than 14 days and there is no difference in the skin condition, one may have to get a stronger steroid cream prescribed by the doctor.

What is nipple eczema and how can it be treated?

Nipple eczema is a common skin condition. It is normally found in people who are very prone to allergies. Most of the times, this condition may occur on its own. However, in some cases, it may be caused due to a contact allergic reaction to something that touches the nipple regularly.

Most dermatologists may treat nipple eczema with tablet Prednisolone 60mg to be taken once a day for a period of 7 days. Along with this tablet, the affected person may be told to apply Fluticasone or Mometesone cream mixed with Mupirocin two times a day. The nipples may be cleaned with dilute vinegar compresses or condy’s compresses before applying the creams. If the eczema is infected, then a short course of antibiotics may also have to be taken.

What causes Xerotic eczema and how can it be treated?

Dryness of the skin causes xerotic eczema. The dryness irritates the nerves below the skin leading to itching and eczema. Most of the treatment for this condition is focused on removing the itching, clearing the affected patches of skin and keeping the skin moisturized. Some of the treatment options are given below:

• Cetaphil Restoraderm moisturizing body lotion to be applied over the affected areas 3-4 times in a day. The lotion may be applied at night as well but under the wet wrapping of a bandage. This may be done for the first 7 days of the treatment. If required 1% cortisone cream may also be mixed with the moisturizer. The cortisone cream may be reduced once the itching goes down.
• Depending on the severity of the itching, Tab Claritin 10 milligrams can be taken once or twice a day for 14 days.
• Applying Neutrogena body oil once a day after a bath.
• The use of soaps may be avoided. Instead, use a soap free cleanser. Only luke warm water may be used during baths as hot water can make the skin dry.
• Omega 3 fatty acid capsules may be taken in the morning and evening after meals for a month. The dosage may be reduced to one tablet a day after a month.

Can a person use Locoid Lipocream to treat eczema on the lips?

Locoid Lipocream may be used to treat eczema on the lips. However, one should be careful not to use it for more than two weeks. The person should also avoid mint, spearmint, cloves, cinnamon and lipstick till the lips are healed.

Is there an injection that can be taken to treat eczema?

A person may take Triamcinolone Acetate 40 mg intra muscular injection to treat severe non responsive eczema as long as he/she does not have any pre-existing medical conditions. One injection may give the individual relief for 3-4 weeks. He/she may take other measures during this time to further bring down the severity of the condition.

What precautions should parents take if their baby has eczema?

It may not be very easy to control eczema in babies. Given below are certain tips that may be followed to control the condition:

• The parents may try soaking their child for 5-10 minutes in a diluted bleach bath twice a week. However, one may confirm with the pediatrician before trying this method.
• The baby’s skin should be kept moisturized as far as possible.
• Most dermatologists may suggest bathing the baby daily to control the eczema. A mild soap may be used for the same.
• The baby may be dressed in smooth natural fabrics like cotton. Wool and other kinds of irritating materials may be avoided.
• Mild, fragrance free soaps and shampoos may be used.
• Try and avoid the baby from getting too hot or cold as rapid changes in the temperature can make the condition worse.
• Control the baby from scratching the skin.
• Soft sheets may be used in the baby’s crib. The child’s nails may be kept short.
• If there is a flare up of the condition, the parents may use cold compresses on the area and apply a moisturizer.

Eczema can cause a lot of irritation and can make a person restless. If not treated on time, it can flare up. Besides medications, there are various precautions that you can take to control the condition. In some cases, a dermatologist may not give individuals’ this information. In some other situations, it may not be easy for some people to meet a dermatologist and get the condition treated. At such times, individuals may ask an Expert any questions that they may have about eczema and its treatment.
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