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eBook Reader Troubleshooting

Has your eBook reader suddenly quit working? Are you having problems in accessing a book with your e-Reader? Problems such as these often arise when there is not enough knowledge to fix them on your own. When this happens, knowing where to find fast and reliable help is usually the key to mental peace. Read below where questions regarding troubleshooting and repair have been answered by Experts.

How to access a newly purchased book with a Pandigital eBook reader?

First, perform a reset on the tablet. Push the Power button for 2-3 seconds and select ‘Shutdown.’ Then, power the unit back on and download the book from the Bookstore. If this doesn’t work, remove the book and download it again. This should solve the problem.

How to repair a frozen eBook reader?

  • First, take out the back cover of the unit.
  • Then, using a screwdriver, unscrew the bolts to the battery and remove it.
  • Next, leave the battery disconnected for 15-30 minutes.
  • Then, press and hold the Power button for 45-60 seconds until it displays a ‘final shutdown command’ that discharges all residual power.
  • After this, reinstall the battery and put the cover back.
  • Finally, charge the unit with an USB adapter. If a ‘?’ appears on the battery icon after the charging is over, insert a different battery and then the original battery to clear the ‘?.’

How to fix a Sony eBook reader that has suddenly quit working?

  • First, connect the reader to the charger.
  • Then, perform a soft reset on the unit by pressing the Reset button with a small pin or clip.
  • In case it doesn’t work, perform a master reset on the device to remove all the personal data from the unit including your books.
  • Press the Reset button and switch on the reader.
  • Then, hold down the back button and the VOL + button until it displays the message ‘Reset All Screen.’ Perform this step after the screen shows ‘Opening Book.’
  • If there is no display on the screen, charge the battery for a few hours before trying to reset it again.
  • Finally, click ‘Yes’ to reset the unit.

If none of the above procedures work, it might indicate a hardware fault.

How to setup an eBook reader using Kobo desktop software?

  • First, download, install and run the upgraded version of Kobo desktop.
  • Then, connect the eReader to the computer with an USB cable.
  • Then, install the setup wizard and configure the reader.
  • Next, click ‘Get Started’ and follow the instructions to setup the eReader.
  • Then, click Connect on the eReader and allow the desktop to operate.
  • Finally, log in to your Kobo account and click Sync to download any books you have purchased from Kobo store to update your eReader library.

How to de-authorize and re-authorize an eBook reader on a computer?

To de-authorize the unit:

  • First, connect the eBook to the computer and operate the ‘Reader for Mac Software.’
  • Then, wait for the software to get loaded.
  • Then, press the Command and the Shift button on the keyboard once the ‘Reader for Mac’ screen appears.
  • Next, click ‘Reader for Mac’ and then ‘Preferences.’ Make sure to press the buttons while doing this.
  • Under the Preference Window, click on the De-authorize tab.
  • Finally, press the De-authorize button next to the device on the De-authorize tab.

To re-authorize the unit:

  • Install the Reader (eBook) Library Software.
  • Then, sign in to your eBook store account.
  • Then, switch on the Reader Digital Book.
  • Next, connect it to the computer and click on ‘My Account’ in the eBook store pane.
  • On the ‘Account Management’ page, click ‘Manage Devices’ under the ‘My Authorized Devices.’
  • Finally, on the ‘Manage Device’ page, select ‘Authorize this device’ button under ‘We have detected the following attached devices’.

What can be done if a computer fails to recognize a Libre eBook reader after connecting to it?

  • First, check if the Reader icon appears in the Main Menu before connecting to the computer.
  • Turn on the reader if it is displaying a battery charging screen.
  • Then, connect the unit to the computer using only the Black USB tip and not the Red one.
  • Next, reset the reader by holding down the Power button on its rear for five seconds using a paperclip. This will allow the unit to power off and the screen to go blank.
  • After this, power the unit back on by pressing and holding the Power button simultaneously until the Aluratek logo appears on the screen.
  • Finally, release the button to allow the Main Menu to get displayed shortly.

An eBook reader is an electronic device that is specifically designed for the purpose of reading eBooks, digital journals and other online materials. However, these devices can often go bad or fail to operate due to various reasons such as poor connectivity, incorrect installation of reader software, hardware failure and many others. Thus, when this is the situation, seeking help from an Expert is strongly recommended as they can guide you through the right process in repairing the issue anytime day or night.

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