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Dog Ear Swelling

Ear swelling in dogs may be a common condition and may have various causes. The best way to reduce the swelling is to identify the underlying cause and treat that. Seeing your dog irritated and troubled by the swelling can be difficult for you. Not knowing what has caused the swelling and how it can be treated can give rise to a lot of questions. Listed below are some such questions that have been asked by different people about swelling of dog’s ears and have been answered by Experts.

Can a dog’s ear be washed with soap and water if it is swollen and itchy?

In some situations swelling and itchiness in a dog’s ear may be caused because of an infection. The dog may be taken to a vet for ear cytology in order to provide the proper medication for the condition. It may not be useful to wash the ear with soap and water in some situations. Moisture in the ear may often worsen the infection. Instead, a specific ear cleaner may need to be used.

How can swollen ears due to an infection be treated in dogs?

Ear infections that cause swelling and redness may often be caused due to allergies in most situations. Hence, it is important to clean a dog’s ears everyday in order to maintain the right pH to prevent the growth of bacteria and yeast. Individuals may also use antihistamines if the infection is not severe. An ear cleaner may be used in order to clean the ear. If there is no ear cleaner at home, individuals may make one by mixing one tablet or one package of Domes powder, 3 parts white vinegar and 1 part alcohol. Use a small amount of this mixture on a cotton ball to clean the ears; however, avoid using large amounts as the alcohol in the mixture may irritate the ears. Besides this, individuals may also give the dog Benadryl at 1 milligram per pound the dog weighs orally once every 8 hours or 25 milligrams per 25 pounds every 8 hours. This medication may be continued for at least two weeks. The dog may also be given an oral Omega 3 fatty acid supplements such as Derm Caps or 3V caps, Cortisone cream may also be applied on the inside of the dog’s ear flap to sooth the irritation and reduce the redness.

How long does it take for swelling caused by a bee sting to go down? A dog’s ear has been swollen for two weeks after it was stung by a bee.

Swelling caused from a bee sting may not last for two weeks. Usually, this should go down within a couple of days. The dog’s ear may be swollen due to another reason such as an ear hematoma. This condition may be caused by trauma to the ear, an infection or cartilage disorder.

What are the most common causes of ear swelling in dogs?

Some of the most common causes of ear swelling in dogs may be known as an ear hematoma, insect bites or bee stings, food allergies or environmental allergies. Some individuals may give the dog Benadryl in order to reduce the swelling. 1 milligram for every pound the dog weighs of this medication may be given once every 6-8 hours. The dog may also require surgery in the cause the dog has suffered a hematoma.

What could be the cause as well as treatment for the tip of a dog’s ear is swollen and has fluid buildup or pus formation?

The symptoms mentioned above indicate that the dog may have an aural hematoma, commonly known as a blood blister. This condition occurs when a blood vessel between the layers of the dog’s skin bursts. The vessel keeps bleeding filling up the dog’s ears with blood. Given below are some of the ways to treat the hematoma:

• Drain the hematoma with a large bore needle and syringe.
• If the swelling comes back, which is common in most cases, a minor surgery may be conducted to treat the ear.
• Get the dog’s ears checked for an outer ear disease or infection which could be the underlying cause of the hematoma. If the infection or disease is identified, it can be treated by giving the dog antibiotic ear drops and other medicines.

There could be various underlying causes that can lead to swelling of a dog’s ears. Though in some cases, these causes may not be very serious, in some other situations, they could cause serious complications in the dog’s health if not treated on time. That is why it is important to find out the exact reason behind a dog’s swollen ears and provide timely treatment. You may ask an Expert and get as much information as possible on dog ear swelling and its different causes and treatments.
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