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Ear Mites in Dogs

What are ear mites in dogs?

Ear mites or otodectes cynotis mites may be a common condition that is found in dogs. Ear mites are known to be a parasite infection that may often cause some complications when a dog’s ear becomes infected and this may often cause a lot of irritation to the external part of the ear. In some cases, when a dog has problems with ear mites, the dog may often scratch the ears terribly or even shake their head. In some cases, when ear mites are present a dog may often shake their head so hard that this may often cause a hematoma to the ear. Ear mites often occur in younger dogs, however this may still be present in a dog that is older in age. Ear mites can be contagious to other dogs, and may be passed down from a parent to a newborn, and between different animals of a different species.

What are ear mite symptoms?

The symptoms of ear mites in dogs may vary depending on the severity. Below are listed some of the common symptoms of ear mites:
• Itching the ears, head or neck depending on where the mites are located
• Widespread itching
• Severe itching around the ears and head
• The dog may shake their head
• Red, brown or black coating around the outer ear
• Coffee grounds that look like bumps within the ear canal
• Scratches or cuts around the back of the dogs ears

Read below where Experts have answered many commonly asked questions regarding ear mites and the treatments in dogs.

What can be done for a dog that had ear mites that were treated but now the dog’s ear flap is swollen?

In some cases, this may often be known as Aural Hematoma. This is often caused because blood collects within the ear and this is created by a broken blood vessel and may be because of the dog shaking their head or some sort of trauma. In some cases this may often be because of an ear infection that has occurred which then leads to irritation and the dog scratches their hear and shakes their head. In some cases, the treatment for this condition may be to drain the dog’s ear out, this may be done with a needle and remove the fluid that has collected within the ear. In some cases if this does not prove to be successful, an individual may need to have the dog seen by a vet and have a surgery procedure performed in order to drain out the fluid.

What can be done for a dog that has ear mites and symptoms include itching, tipping the head towards the infected ear and will not let anything come near the ear?

In some cases, this may actually be an ear infection and this could be either caused from a yeast infection or even a bacterial infection. However, there are still situations where a dog may develop ear mites. In some cases, a dog owner may use an over the counter medication that may help the dog relieve the symptoms. However, over the counter medications may not be as effective as medications that are bought from a vet clinic. After the medication is found, the individual may need to start the treatment process as soon as possible. Also, in some situations, individuals may try a 50/50 solution of distilled water and vinegar in order to clean the dog’s ears once a day.

How to treat ear mites in dogs?

In some cases, many individuals may believe that the most safest and effective way to treat ear mites or any type of ear infection would be with some sort of cleaner that includes acetic acid. Acetic acid is a portion of a medication that acts as a drying mediator that help prevent liquid from being built up within the ear or from fluid just sitting in the ear. When this happens this is what normally causes ear infections. Also, individuals may attend their local pet store and buy a medication with common preparations such as Epi-Otic or Vet Solutions. However, during the cleaning of the ears, individuals may need to stay away from using Q-tips, as this could often cause the infection to become worse, and could often cause damage to the dogs ear or ear drum if not used properly. Individuals could clean the infected ear twice a day. After the cleaner as been applied, individuals may use a cotton ball in order to rub around and in the ear in order to remove any extra fluid; this procedure may be done twice a day. In the case, individuals do not feel comfortable performing this procedure, there are ear mite medications that can be bought from a vet or in some situations pet stores. These medications may include Revolution that is known to rid fleas and mites.

Ear mites in dogs are a common condition that is seen very often in dogs that are normally outdoors. However, even if a dog is primarily inside, a dog may still develop ear mites from another animal. These parasites may be hard to diagnose if an individual is unaware of the common symptoms. For more information pertaining to other available treatments, complications, and cures for ear mites in dogs, individuals may contact an Expert.
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