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Bacterial Ear Infection in Dogs

What is a bacterial ear infection?

Typically dogs may have some type of bacteria inside the ears; this may be good bacteria that help keep the ears at a stable condition. However some dogs may become infected with a bad bacteria, this could lead to a bacterial ear infection. The bacteria could come from a dog having ear mites, trapped water in the ear canal, and excessive hair in the ear, tumor or foreign substance within the ear. There may be some cases where a dog even developed a bacterial ear infection from, allergies, large amounts of ear wax or hypothyroidism.

What are the most common signs and symptoms of bacterial ear infection in dogs?

A dog that is suffering from a bacterial ear infection may have one or even many signs and symptoms. These signs may include but are not limited to. A foul odor inside the dog’s ear There may be some discharge seen, yellow, brown or a bloody color Scratching at the ear Some dogs may lose hair around the ear The ear may become severely red Swelling may occur in or around the ear A dog may suffer from temporary or permanent hearing loss The ear may become crusted or scabbed near the flap of the ear Some dogs walk in circles or lose balance due to the imbalance of chemicals in the equilibrium In some cases a dog may tilt their head on the effected side These may be some of the most common signs and symptoms, not all dogs will experience all of these. Some dogs may only have one or two of these symptoms.

Are there certain dogs that are more susceptible to getting a bacterial ear infection?

There may be some dogs that may get bacterial ear infection more often. Allergies may make a dog more susceptible for bacterial ear infection. Typically dogs that have long floppy ear such as, golden retrievers, poodles or cocker spaniels. Schnauzers may be one of many dogs that grow hair inside the ear canal; this could cause a dog to develop a bacterial ear infection. For more information regarding bacterial ear infection such as, can a dog give a bacterial infection to a human or can a dog die from a bacterial infection. Read below where an Expert has answered many of the frequently asked questions over bacterial ear infection.

What could be done at for a dog that has a bacterial ear infection before given to a new home?

In some cases the dog’s ear may need to be looked at by a veterinarian, this could help determine what type of bacterial infection the dog has. If the vet diagnosis the dog with a specific type of bacterial ear infection; the vet may prescribe medication that may clear up the infection. There may be something that could be done at home to help the dog. In some cases it could be safe to make a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water. This should flush out the dog’s ear; typically this could be done twice a day until the new owner can take the dog to the vet.

How is a bacterial ear infection in dogs treated?

Typically the main thing to do may be cleaning the ear thoroughly. Cleaning a dog’s ear may be very important; this could help prevent a bacterial ear infection. Now considering the dog already has an infection, the dog may need medication. Typically a veterinarian may need to see the dog to determine what type of infection the dog has and to see if the ear drum is intact. If the ear drum has ruptured a topical medication may be best. Other than that an oral antibiotic is normally used to treat a bacterial ear infection in dogs.

A bacterial ear infection can be a common problem that some dog owners don’t even notice. In some cases if a bacterial ear infection goes unnoticed a dog could become def; there may be cases where the hearing loss has been reversed. Many dog owners have many question when thinking or finding out their dog has a bacterial ear infection such as, how does a dog get a bacterial ear infection or can a bacterial ear infection be passed from dog to dog. These questions may be answered by an Expert.

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