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Treating Cat Ear Infections

What are cat ear infections?

Generally, a cat will not develop frequent ear infections, although when a cat does, the infection is intricate. A veterinarian may usually diagnose a cat with ear mites, if this is the case, there are certain medications that can clear up the infection. If the ear infection is not caused from mites, a veterinarian may have to run other tests to determine the cause of the infection. A cat may develop an infection because of allergies, foreign objects in the ear or a mass such as a tumor. Typically, it is important to have a cat seen by a veterinarian as soon as symptoms of an ear infection occur. The reason for this could be because some ear infections can cause deafness or facial paralysis if not treated.

What causes ear infections in cats?

An ear infection in a cat is from ear mites, which are spread from one cat to another. If a cat does not have ear mites, yet has an ear infection this may be from an underlying condition. Below may be some of the most common causes of ear infection in cat.
Diabetes mellitus
• Tumors inside the ear canal
• Excessive ear wax in the ear canal
• Thick hair in the ear canal
• An autoimmune disease
• Hypothyroidism
• Bad ear hygiene
• A ruptured eardrum
• Environmental irritants
• Overgrowth of bacteria or yeast, in some cases both

Above are a few of the common causes of a cat ear infection. For more information about cat ear infections such as can a cat suffer from more than one ear infection at a time or if an ear infection can be fatal. Read below where an Expert has answered many commonly asked questions regarding cat ear infections.

Does the medication Tresaderm used to treat ear infections in cats typically have side effects?

Generally, Tresaderm is commonly used to treat a cat that has an ear infection. A cat may not have any side effects because of this medication, unless the cat is suffering from a ruptured ear drum. Where a cat’s ear drum is ruptured and ear drops are given, medications could be allowed to run into sensitive areas of the ear. This could often cause a cat to have some side effects. A cat can be seen by a veterinarian to determine if this is the right medication for the cat.

What are the most common types of ear infections in cats?

A cat could suffer from an ear infection for many different reasons. Generally, the more common types are ear mites, bacterial infections and yeast infections. A cat may also have an ear infection from any combination of these three types. There may also be different variations of the bacteria and yeast infections.

How to diagnose a cat ear infection?

Some veterinarians may diagnose a cat’s ear infection by a visual examination alone. This may not be the best way to diagnose the ear infection; the reason for this is because some infections are too far in the ear canal to be seen by the naked eye. There may be two other ways to diagnose a cat ear infection. These can include a culture test or a swab test taken from the ear and then examined under a microscope.

Cat ear infections can be frustrating, because not all ear infections are easy to diagnose, some can be secondary conditions and other are primary. Even after the ear infection has been diagnosed the hard work may not be over since some cases are hard to treat. Some cat owners may have some questions upon finding out their cat has an ear infection such as how ear infections can be treated, or if a cat will be more susceptible to ear infections after the first infection. For answers to these questions and many others, individuals can contact an Expert.
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