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Mercedes E320 Problems

The Mercedes Benz E320 belongs to the executive E-Class line of Mercedes cars and was last produced in 2009. A five-seated sedan, the latest model of the E320 came with a six-cylinder, turbo-supplied diesel engine of four valves per cylinder; rear-wheel drive and six-speed automatic transmission. Noted for its performance, it could hit a top speed of 155 mph. However, as is the case with any luxury car, owners may have faced problems with this car from time to time. Some of these issues have been addressed by the Experts and are listed below.

The smart key to a Mercedes E320 CDI is not turning in the ignition switch although the starter battery seems alright. What should be done?

Try starting the car with a spare key if one is available. If not, open the remote and take the batteries out. Blow out any dust that may have accumulated in it and shake it. Put the batteries back in and try again. If it’s still not working, it could be possible that the key is faulty or perhaps that the ignition switch has become defective. If the latter is the problem, get the car towed to a repair shop and place a special order for the ignition switch (EIS). This typically costs about and takes 3 hours to install. It would also be safer to order a new key since it’s better to have a spare.

How can the cabin air filter be changed in a 1998 Mercedes E320 Wagon?

To do this, remove the glove box since the cabin filters are placed behind this. Remove the box and reach for the sliding door to get the filters. For more instructions on how to go about this, click on the links below: Remove Glove Compartment Replace Dust Filters

The brake pads on a Mercedes E320 need to be changed. Does the SBC system need to be deactivated to do this?

It’s important to deactivate the Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC) ABS pump system since it can suddenly apply brakes without warning. Take the key out the car to keep the codes safe and unplug the ABS module’s big connector. The ABS unit is located under the hood with brake lines connected to it, unplug the big connector on the side of it.

The EC light is on in a Mercedes Benz E320 and the AC isn’t working. What can be done?

Typically, in this situation, the light comes on for two reasons: When there isn’t enough refrigerant or when one of the sensors becomes defective. To get this sorted, evacuate the AC system and get it recharged. If refrigerant is put in before doing this, the compressor won’t switch on. It’s also better to read the fault code in the system to know the exact nature of the problem. For example, a B1241 would indicate that the system needs to be recharged.

Luxury cars come at a premium and owners don’t often expect anything to go wrong. However, may have certain questions or perhaps even faced issues with the Mercedes E320 at some point or another. Some of these can be quickly answered by discussing the problem with an Expert. Direct all the queries to Experts to get quick and insightful answers, at an affordable cost.
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