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What is an E2 visa?

An E2 visa is a visa that was made by the government for investors. This visa is a non-immigrant visa and is used for the countries that have commerce, investment, and certain kinds of treaties with the United States. The particular individuals who meet all the requirements to qualify for the E2 visa usually have a good amount of money invested in some sort of business in the United States, and usually request to enter the U.S. in order to see to business affairs with the company they have invested in. The E2 visa needs to be renewed every other year, but there is no limit on how many times one can renew their visa. Usually people do not gain permanent residency with an E2 visa, but it is possible depending on their circumstances. An E2 Visa may be a complex for some individuals who have never had to apply for one, Experts below have answered many individuals questions regarding the requirements in receiving an E2 Visa, along with the requirements an individual should meet in order to renew an E2 Visa.

If a person wanted to apply for an E2 visa and start a business in the United States, would their investments be protected in case the business fails or something else goes wrong?

In situations like these, usually one’s investment money must be at risk before the government will consider granting an E2 visa for that person to come to the United States. There are no guarantees for the safety of one’s investment. It would be just like a U.S. citizen investing in a company, there are risks and nothing is guaranteed.

Is a medical examination required if one wishes to apply and receive an E2 visa?

The E2 visa is a non-immigrant visa and is based on investors and the businesses they invest in. A medical examination is only needed for an immigrant visa. The only exception to the non-immigrant visas that would need a medical examination would be the K-1 fiancé visa. The E2 visa does not require a medical examination to qualify.

If a person is in the United States on the E2 visa and goes overseas for the weekend, can their employer cancel their E2 visa?

An employer does have the right to cancel their employees E2 visa depending on the situation and that particular employee. The employer is not required to notify the employee. The only way that one would be able to find out, unless their employer informs them, is at the port of entry when one is trying to return to the United States. The employer is considered to be the petitioner in these cases and therefore controls all the decisions made.

If a person has an E2 visa as an independent off of their spouse’s E2 visa, and the spouse is talking of being legally separated, how does that affect the person’s E2 visa?

In a situation particularly like this, a legal separation would usually end a person’s E2 status in the United States. The person’s status is connected through marriage and once that is changed in any way, the person’s status would become void. The only thing one would be able to do in a circumstance like this would be to possibly try filing for a different status. Or, if staying in the United States is not desired, return to the home country.

When it comes to qualifying for an E2 visa, one does not have to worry about much. They are strictly non-immigrant visas granted quite easily to investors that wish to handle business with the companies they have invested in. Certain questions do arise, when technicalities cause a bit of confusion, but reaching out and asking these questions can solve the confusion. When questions do arise, ask the Experts, and they will do their best to end the confusion.

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