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DVD Player Related Questions

Has your DVD player stopped working? Does it display a double screen when played? Questions like these often arise when there is a problem with your unit. If you are not sure about the correct way to fix the issue, knowing where to find the right solution is the best possible alternative. Read below where Experts have answered various questions regarding DVD players.  

What can be done if a DVD player fails to play FLV files?

Convert the files into a different format such as AVI or WMV and create a DVD movie by using a recording software in the DVD burner. Another option could be to use a DVD burning program such as easy DVD creator or Nero to create the movie.

How to fix a Sony DVD player that prompts ‘push power protector’ when turned on?

This could occur either due to a faulty output amplifier chip or a defective power supply board.

  • First, disconnect the machine and then reconnect it after one minute.
  • If this doesn’t work, push the Power button to switch on the unit.
  • Then, hold down the Stop and Eject button.
  • Next, press the Power button and perform a reset.
  • If this still doesn’t fix the issue, press the System Menu with the power on.
  • Then, push the up and down arrow until ‘Demo’ appears on the front panel.
  • Next, press the + button and then the up and down arrow again to turn the ‘Demo’ off.
  • Finally, press the + button again and turn off the menu by pushing the System Menu option.

How to eject a disc from a locked DVD player?

A few possible options are:

  • Press the Power button on the remote control and the Stop button on the front panel simultaneously for four seconds.
  • Push the Function button on the front panel and hold it for three seconds until it displays ‘Unlock.’
  • Hold down the Open/Close button for more than four seconds.
  • Press the Menu button + 712 using the HTS remote and it should display ‘Can Open.’

Make sure to turn on the Home Theater System before performing these steps.

What can prevent a DVD player from spinning and loading the disc?

A faulty laser optical block can likely cause this to happen. The best option is to clean the laser lens with a high quality cotton swab and check. If the problem still persists, replacing the optical block will be the next best repair option.

How to connect a DVD player to an LG flat screen TV?

  • First, connect the red, white and yellow cables to their respective colored jacks below the vertical row of jacks labeled ‘DVD/VCR Out.’
  • Then, connect the red and white cables to their colored jacks and the yellow one to the green jack at the TV’s rear.
  • Next, select ‘AV’ by pressing the ‘Input’ button on the TV’s remote control to view the player.
  • Finally, choose DVD/VCR by using the ‘Source’ button on the front of the player.

What can be done if a DVD player displays black and white screen?

  • First, unplug the player and disconnect it from the TV.
  • Then, wait for 20 minutes to reset the system.
  • Then, verify if there are any loose connections.
  • Next, make sure the TV is set to NTSC as the player won’t play if it set to PAL.
  • Then, check if the Audio and Video Output is directly connected to the TV on the back into the Input jack (yellow, red and white).
  • Finally, confirm if the Video Output is working fine. If so, it should fix the issue.

How to repair a DVD player that shows double screen?

If the unit is set in Progressive Scan mode, this could likely happen. The best recourse is to turn off the mode by pressing the button on the remote labeled ‘P/S’ OR ‘P SCAN.’ Another option could be to press a push button at the back of the unit or hold down the Stop button for five seconds. However, if this doesn’t cure the problem:

  • Disconnect the yellow plug and connect it to the green jack named ‘Y.’
  • Then, switch off the Progressive Scan mode and reconnect the plug to yellow jack.
  • Finally, connect the player to the TV using component video. This should fix the issue.

With a DVD player, you can listen to music and watch movies not only at home but also while travelling. Thus, it is very important to keep these devices into proper condition to continue to seek fun out of them. However, if they malfunction and we don’t know whom to approach for help, contacting an Expert for a speedy repair is highly recommended. They will fix the issue as well as save you from an expensive repair. 

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