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Questions about Duodenum Problems and Pain

Duodenum is a medical term for the hollow tube that connects the stomach to the jejunum. The duodenum is responsible for breaking down food in the small intestine as well as regulates the flow in which the stomach empties. To learn more about the duodenum, take a look blow at the questions that have been answered by Experts.

What could cause chronic inflammation of the duodenum as found through endoscopic examination biopsies?

There may be a couple of issues causing the inflammation. Chronic inflammation of the duodenum may be a result of hyperacidity or bacteria known as H. pylori. Bile may also cause such inflammation however it isn't as common as hyperacidity. H. pylori may be tested through blood test or a biopsy. Until testing may be performed, many people use Prilosec OTC. If hyperacidity is the cause, the Prilosec may ease the inflammation. Many times mucus and diarrhea may be present with irritable bowel syndrome. Gas and bloating may also accompany this condition.

What is stenosis of the mucosa in the duodenum?

Stenosis of the mucosa of the duodenum is basically a description of what the GI doctor finds during an endoscopy procedure. This isn't a diagnosis, only a description. However the real question may be what would be causing a narrowing of the duodenum. Many times the cause may be from a mass that may be applying pressure to the duodenum. This may be cause for alarm considering the pancreas may be at risk which is next to the duodenum. If a mass is present at the head of the pancreas, it may cause pressure to the duodenum which in turn may cause the narrowing.

What does it mean to nodule on the 2nd portion of duodenum?

The duodenum is composed of four parts, the first being the small intestine. The above mentioned term means that a nodule may have been detected in the second portion of the duodenum. A nodule is basically a small swelling. A nodule on the duodenum are generally benign (non cancerous) and are usually no cause for alarm. Nodules often occur due to swelling or inflammation found in the inner lining of the duodenum. There are glands located in the inner lining of the duodenum known as Brunner's gland. If the glands begin to increase in numbers stemming from inflammation, nodules may appear.

Such inflammation generally isn't associated with malignancy. However there have been rare cases of malignancy. If the doctor becomes concerned with the findings he/she may order a biopsy performed to ensure a precise diagnosis.

What is Edema (duodenum) and is it serious?

Edema is a term to describe dwelling. This term is used quite often when there is swelling or inflammation in a specific part of the body or congestion due to poor circulation. Edema of the duodenum basically means that inflammation has been discovered in the small intestine. Allergies, inflammation or infection may cause edema of the duodenum.

While this is usually not life threatening, when left untreated the edema may cause complications later on. Generally a doctor will assign a patient with a treatment plan upon discovery of inflammation which usually rectifies the issue. Follow up visits may be required after treatment to ensure proper healing.

Is a single AVM in the duodenum serious?

Generally when a single AVM (arteriovenous malformation) in the duodenum is found, typical treatment may involve laser or heat ablation therapy during an endoscopy. The single AVM are usually considered not dangerous. However if the AVM isn't properly treated, bleeding may occur leaving the patient anemic and deficient of iron.

The duodenum plays a large role in the break down and digestion in the body. When the duodenum begins having issues, a person may begin to experience abdominal upset and issues. If a person has questions or concerns regarding the duodenum, the person should ask an Expert for medical insight and suggestions on proper treatment plans.
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