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Due Dates for Taxes

Individuals or business that file a tax return have often been confused on what date is the due date for taxes. Uncertainties of a due date for taxes if the normal due dates for taxes fall on a weekend or holiday or what are the due dates for taxes according to the type of businesses might be often lead to questions like the ones answered below by the Experts.

If taxes are due on the 15th of April where that lands on a Saturday, is an individual allowed to postmark their tax return forms for the following Monday?

If the normal due dates for taxes fall on the weekend or a holiday, the new due dates for taxes will be the next business day. If April 15th is on Saturday, the IRS will still consider it to be timely filed as long as the postmark shows nothing later than April 17th. If April 17th also happens to be a holiday then the IRS will considered it to be timely filed if postmarked no later than April 18th.

What date are S Corporation taxes due on extension?

Corporations will generally use calendar years. The due date of a normal return for a corporation is March 15th. If you are on an extension then you are given 6 months to file and the new due dates for taxes will become September 15th for Federal return and October 15th for State return.

How long after a business' fiscal year end are taxes due to be filed?

The type of business that is established will determine when the due dates for taxes are. If the business is a single member LLC, reporting as a sole proprietor, then the due dates of the return will be April 15th.

If the business is a partnership, filing a return on Form 1065, then the partnership return will be due of the 15th of the 4th month following their fiscal year end. If the business is a C Corporation or S Corporation, filing corporate tax return on Form 1120 (or 1120-S) then the due date for taxes will be on the 15th of the 3rd month following their fiscal year end.

If the business files for an extension, then the business is granted an additional 6 months from your normal due date to file your return.

If you sold a business in 2011 are taxes due at the time of sale or by April 15th 2012?

This will depend upon if the estimated income tax is due. In most cases income tax is not due until the return is due. But penalties for underpayment of estimated tax can be incurred. Those penalties can be avoided by making estimated tax payments.

I am "out of country" so I qualify for an automatic 2 month extension until June 15th. I already know I will need more time than that. Should I request the extension now or wait till my 2 month extension is about to expire?

Most people would chose to file for the extension now. Even though you are out of the country you can file for the extension from a computer or through a tax professional who uses e-file. E-file is important because in order to request an extension you have to file Form 4868.

Have the right kind of data and insight about due dates for taxes can help when dealing with questions regarding tax return deadlines. Experts can help answer when a due date for taxes is for your type of business or what happens when the due dates for taxes fall on a weekend or holiday. Get the answers fast and affordably by asking and Expert.
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