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Dual SIM Cell Phone Questions

Do you need to know how to use a dual SIM phone? Why is one SIM not working properly? Finding the answers you need to your dual SIM phone questions can be difficult and time consuming. Posing your questions to Experts and getting their answers will tell you what you need to know in a quick and cost effective manner.

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Is the procedure for unlocking a dual SIM phone different from a single SIM one?

The SIM lock is a lock that a carrier puts on a GSM phone to prevent it from being used on another network. As the name implies it locks the SIM. A dual SIM phone has two SIM cards to offer to separate connections and the same lock is applied to both SIM cards. The only way to remove a SIM lock for a single or dual SIM phone is to contact the original carrier that sold the phone. If the phone is clean, there are no outstanding dues and the contract with the carrier is over, and it has not been reported lost or stolen, the unlocking should be done for free. Only the original carrier will have the codes needed to unlock the SIMs. In the U.S. any attempt to use other means to unlock a phone is illegal.

Is the Samsung GT-E1182L E1182 Duos a dual SIM phone and if so, are both the SIM cards the same size?

The Samsung GT-E1182L E1182 Duos is a dual SIM phone. It accepts two standard sized SIM cards so that the services of two different providers can be used on one phone.

What prevents an unlocked Samsung dual SIM phone model B7722 with an AT&T SIM and Globe SIM from the Philippines from working on the AT&T network?

Case Details: The Globe SIM card works fine but with the AT&T card a message "Phone freeze. Please contact your carrier" appears. AT&T’s support is not able to provide a solution. 

The message about the “phone freeze” means that the phone requires what is known as an MCK code. The reason for this is that even though the phone is supposed to be “unlocked” one line may have been locked. The place or person from whom it was purchased may have tried to enter an incorrect unlock code too many times in an effort to open the line/connection. When this happens the phone is basically bricked. The way to correct the issue is call Samsung support at 888-987-HELP. Do not choose the “SIM Unlock” or any of the other options offered but ask for a “Live Operator.” Explain the problem and say that the phone needs to be re-flashed. Samsung will note down the user information and give an RMA number. The phone will then have to be sent to them for re-flashing after which they will return it with the dual SIM operation issue corrected. 

What are the popular dual SIM phones available on the market?

Case Details: The important factors in the phone choice should be low cost, good quality and light weight.

There are so many dual SIM smartphones in the market and more are appearing almost every day. Each phone has features designed to make it appealing to a particular type of user. So it is the user’s needs and preferences that will determine which is the right phone for him or her. That being said, The Nokia C1 is a popular small, inexpensive and light device. However, if data access is important, then the Samsung Duos GT-B7722 could be considered. These phones could be used as a base against for comparisons with other dual SIM phones can be done to find the best choice. It is important to ensure that all the features that are wanted are available on a phone’s operating system.

Why is it that a Samsung B-7722 dual SIM phone will work with only one SIM card at a time?

Case Details: When both SIM cards are inserted the phone says that there is no service for SIM 1. Switching the SIM cards around does not help. Both the SIM cards work on other single SIM phones.

This is an unusual issue and there could be a number of reason that will need to be investigated. However, one possibility is that both the SIM cards require Quad band capability and while the phone has dual SIM functionality, only one SIM is Quad band while the other is Dual Band. This means that only the SIM card in the Quad Band slot will work.

A dual SIM phone offers many advantages but also has more to go wrong with it. If you are facing problems with your dual SIM phone, contacting Experts online will provide you with the solutions you need. Experts are available at your convenience to answer any question you have in a timely manner. 

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