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Dual Fuel Range

A dual fuel range is an all-in-one appliance which usually combines a gas cook top along with an electric oven. The precision of a gas cook top combined with the evenness and consistency of an electric oven can be a winning combination. For a person with a passion to cook, it offers some of the best features from both sources thereby enabling them to produce a wide variety of dishes. Listed below are a few common questions on dual fuel ranges that have been answered by Experts.

Why is my Dacor fuel range oven reaching 310 degrees Fahrenheit but failing to come on again?

There could be two possible issues, first issue being a defective relay board. Sometimes the solder joints at the boards can get defective on these models. First unplug the unit, pop out the front console to access the relay board and examine the solder joints. Secondly, ensure you check the terminal block where the wire connects to the unit. If you are not receiving the prescribed amount of 240 volts power, the unit will only warm up but not heat to capacity.

What does it mean when a fuel range reads an error message of E120 and “hot”?

An error 120 indicates the control board is overheating. If this error is displayed while or just after the oven has been used, the cooling fan may not be functioning efficiently causing the board to overheat and display the error. If this error is sudden without any provocation, the touch pad may not be the cause. If you try to turn off the power and back on, it may provide a temporary solution but will not reset the touchpad. The display control board usually resets when the power is turned off. Hence if you continue to get the error, the fault lies at the display control board which may need to be replaced.

How do I replace the “bake element” on a Dacor fuel range?

The process to replace the bake element would be to unplug the oven or turn off the circuit breaker. If you have a convection vent panel at the back of the oven, you will need to remove the screws above and below it. Remove the back panel after removing all the racks. You will be left with two screws at the back panel holding the element in place. Remove these screws and pull the element forward and out. Next would be to disconnect the wires and re-plug the wires of the new element you have purchased. Reassemble the parts in the similar manner of disassembling it.

How can I clean liquid which has seeped from the exterior vents on the top of the oven door on to the interior of the glass?

To reach between the glass doors of the oven, the entire door unit will need to be pulled out and dismantled. To do this, first open the door completely and look for flip up locking tabs on the hinges which can be rotated upwards to unlock or for tiny holes at the hinge joints which when depressed with a thin pin, unlocks the hinge. Complete this, lift the door to the broil position and pull it off the oven. Remove the screws located on the top and bottom allowing the door to come apart. You can then clean it as required. It is quite possible for you to accomplish this if you are handy and can unlock the door hinges correctly.

How do I ensure the oven temperature is accurate on my year old Kitchenaid dual fuel range?

Accurate temperature is crucial for an oven. First purchase a cheap thermostat from a local grocery store and place it at the center of the oven cavity. Turn the temperature to 350 degrees and wait for the preheating process to complete. You should wait at least 30 minutes before checking the temperature for an accurate reading because the thermostat is weighted and similar to meat it takes time to reach the required temperature. If the temperature is not accurate, it could be a faulty thermostat sensor or a faulty control board. The control board cannot be tested but sensor can hence open the oven door and remove the four inch long, thin metal rod at the back wall. You will find two screws holding it in place. Remove the screws and disconnect it. Use a multimeter to check for a resistance reading of 1080 OHMS. If it is not, replace the sensor, else replace the control board.

Dual fuel ranges mainly face concerns with control panels and sensors. Generally with such issues the cook top would continue to work. Majority of instances the errors can be handled by you if you have someone to guide you through the process. An Expert can do this and help you diagnose the problem with information and instructions to arrive at the solution. They can also provide necessary information on replacement parts for your dual fuel range.
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