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DS-160 Form Questions

Form DS-160 is a form that needs to be filled in by anyone seeking a non-immigrant visa application to the United States. Based on all the information filled in the form and a personal interview with the applicant, the consular officer will determine if the applicant is eligible for a non-immigrant visa. Listed below are a few questions answered by immigration lawyers on Form DS-160 related issues.

My wife accidently put wrong dates under the employment section when she was filing her Form DS-160. As the dates are off by a day or two, does she need to cancel her visa appointment and resubmit the form?

No, she doesn’t need to cancel the appointment. She should notify the consul before she begins the interview so that it can be corrected under oath once she swears to tell the truth. Getting a payroll history from her employer would help but it shouldn’t make or break the application.

I submitted Form I-20 and Form DS-160 during my F1 interview. Would the officer know about my degree/credentials or any bit about my background?

The officer would have no knowledge of your background other than information regarding your travel to the U.S. and a criminal background check. They would have no access to your educational/ work experience.

In Form DS-160, under a question that asks if my previous visa has ever been lost or stolen, would it be correct to write “No” because I discarded my passport after the visa and the passport expired?

Yes, the answer would be “No” since it was neither lost nor stolen. Once it expired, you simply threw it away.

In helping a friend fill out Form DS-160, we came across a question that asks for travel dates. Since we don’t know what the dates will be, will it be a problem if the actual dates are different from the dates we put on the form?

No. Your travel plans can be subject to change. So it would not be wrong to put intended dates for now and then have different ones later. However, your friend should tell the consul that the ticket has not yet been bought.

In Form DS-160, there is a section that asks for National Identification Number, U.S. Social Security Number, and the U.S. Taxpayer ID Number. Do I need to fill in all the boxes and if so, what is a National Identification Number?

Just fill in the box that applies to the number that you have. A National Identification Number is one that is given to you by your country and is a unique individual number much like a U.S. Social Security Number. If you don’t know what it is, you probably don’t have one.

I want a family friend’s daughter to visit me and am filling out Form DS-160 on her behalf. I have filled in all the information but it states that the actual person needs to hit the send button. She is 16 and in Jamaica where she doesn’t have a computer. What can I do?

You cannot send in the application on her behalf. She and her mother/guardian would have to send the non-immigrant visa application from an internet café themselves.

Form DS-160 can be filled in electronically and comes with interactive help features, which may make it easier to use than other forms. Once filled in and submitted, all data relating to the applicant gets stored directly in the Department Of State (DOS) database.
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